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Here the community can nominate articles to be selected as "Today's featured article" (TFA) on the main page. The TFA section aims to highlight the range of articles that have "featured article" status, from Art and architecture through to Warfare, and wherever possible it tries to avoid similar topics appearing too close together without good reason. Requests are not the only factor in scheduling the TFA (see Choosing Today's Featured Article); the final decision rests with the TFA coordinators Jimfbleak and Wehwalt, who also select TFAs for dates where no suggestions are put forward. Please confine requests to this page, and remember that community endorsement on this page does not necessarily mean the article will appear on the requested date.

  • The article must be a featured article. Editors who are not significant contributors to the article should consult regular ors of the article before nominating it for TFAR.
  • The article must not have appeared as TFA before (see the list of possibilities here), except that:
    • The TFA coordinators may choose to fill up to two slots each week with FAs that have previously been on the main page, so long as the prior appearance was at least five years ago. The coordinators will invite discussion on general selection criteria for re-runnable TFAs, and aim to make individual selections within those criteria.
    • The request must be either for a specific date within the next 30 days that has not yet been scheduled, or a non-specific date. The template {{@TFA}} can be used in a message to "ping" the coordinators through the notification system.

If you have an exceptional request that deviates from these instructions (for example, an article making a second appearance as TFA, or a "double-header"), please discuss the matter with the TFA coordinators beforehand.

It can be helpful to add the article to the pending requests template, if the desired date for the article is beyond the 30-day period. This does not guarantee selection, but does help others see what nominations may be forthcoming. Requesters should still nominate the article here during the 30-day time-frame.

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How to post a new nomination:

Create the nomination subpage.

In the box below, enter the full name of the article you are nominating (without using any brackets around the article's name) and click the button to create your nomination page.

Write the nomination.

On that nomination page, fill out as many of the relevant parts of the pre-loaded {{TFAR nom}} template as you can, then save the page.

Your nomination should mention:

  • when the last similar article was, since this helps towards diversity on the main page (browsing Wikipedia:Today's featured article/recent TFAs will help you find out);
  • when the article was promoted to FA status (since older articles may need extra checks);
  • and (for date-specific nominations) the article's relevance for the requested date.
Write the blurb.
For Featured Articles promoted on or after January 1, 2016, copy in the blurb that appears on the talk page of the FAC nomination (that's the page linked from "it has been identified" at the top of the article's talk page), save it, and then as needed. For older FAs, you're welcome to create your own TFA text as a summary of the lead section, or you can ask for assistance at WT:TFAR. We use one paragraph only, with no reference tags or alternative names; the only thing bolded is the first link to the article title. The length when previewed is between 925 and 1025 characters including spaces, " (Full article...)" and the featured topic link if applicable. More characters may be used when no free-use image can be found. Fair use images are not allowed.
Post at TFAR.

After you have created the nomination page, add it here under a level-3 heading for the preferred date (or under a free non-specific date header). To do this, add (replacing "ARTICLE TITLE" with the name of your nominated article):
===February 29===
{{Wikipedia:Today's featured article/requests/ARTICLE TITLE}}

Nominations are ordered by requested date below the summary chart. More than one article can be nominated for the same date.

It would also then be helpful to add the nomination to the summary chart, following the examples there. Please include the name of the article that you are nominating in your summary.

If you are not one of the article's primary ors, please then notify the primary ors of the TFA nomination; if primary ors are no longer active, please add a message to the article talk page.


In the absence of exceptional circumstances, TFAs are scheduled in date order, not according to how long nominations have been open or how many supportive comments they have. So, for example, January 31 will not be scheduled until January 30 has been scheduled (by TFAR nomination or otherwise).

Summary chart[]

Currently accepting requests from November 1 to December 1.

Date Article Notes Supports Opposes
Nonspecific 1 Wizards of Waverly Place 2
Nonspecific 2
Nonspecific 3
Nonspecific 4
Nonspecific 5
Nonspecific 6
Nonspecific 7
November 3 Laika 65th deathday anniversary 3 0
November 7 Toa Payoh MRT station 35th anniversary of opening 2
November 8 J. Havens Richards His 171st birthday 1 0
November 19 I Drink Wine One-year anniversary of the song and its parent album's release 2
December 1 Annunciation (Memling) The first day of advent 2 3

Tally may not be up to date. The nominator is included in the number of supporters.

Nonspecific date nominations[]

Nonspecific date 1[]

Wizards of Waverly Place[]

Selena Gomez portrayed Alex Russo
Selena Gomez portrayed Alex Russo

Wizards of Waverly Place is an American fantasy teen sitcom created by Todd J. Greenwald that aired on Disney Channel for four seasons between October 2007 and January 2012. The series centers on Alex Russo (Selena Gomez), a teenage wizard living in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, who undertakes training alongside her siblings, Justin (David Henrie) and Max (Jake T. Austin). The Walt Disney Company commissioned the series to continue its successful line of comedies in the 2000s. Wizards of Waverly Place enjoyed high viewership in the United States; its series finale was the most-watched final episode of any Disney Channel show. A television film adaptation, Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, aired in 2009 and was awarded a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Program. Wizards of Waverly Place won two additional Emmys, in 2009 and 2012 respectively. Television critics praised the show for its humor and cast; Gomez's affiliation with the network led to a prominent musical career apart from the program. (Full article...)

The one issue I can see is that at WP:TFAP there is already a request for Ernie Fletcher, a former Governor of Kentucky on that date.-- (talk) 23:54, 20 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thank you for the response. I believe the WP:TFAP request should take priority so I have struck my comment about that date. Apologies for not checking that earlier and I appreciate that you brought this up here. The Ernie Fletcher article should be run on that date and this one should be run another day instead. Aoba47 (talk) 01:36, 21 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Nonspecific date 2[]

Nonspecific date 3[]

Nonspecific date 4[]

Nonspecific date 5[]

Nonspecific date 6[]

Nonspecific date 7[]

Specific date nominations[]

November 3, 2022[]


Laika depicted on a postage stamp
Laika depicted on a postage stamp

Laika was one of the first animals in space and the first animal to orbit Earth. A stray mongrel from Moscow, she was selected as the occupant of Sputnik 2 which launched into low orbit on 3 November 1957. The experiment aimed to prove that a living passenger could survive being launched into orbit and endure a micro-g environment, leading to human spaceflight and providing scientists with data on how living organisms react to spaceflight environments. Laika died from overheating, possibly caused by a failure of the central R-7 sustainer to separate from the payload. The true cause and time of her death were not made public until 2002; instead, it was reported that she died when her oxygen ran out on day six or, as the Soviet government initially claimed, she was euthanised prior to oxygen depletion. On 11 April 2008, a monument to Laika was unveiled near the military research facility that prepared her flight to space. She also appears on the Monument to the Conquerors of Space. (Full article...)

November 7, 2022[]

Toa Payoh MRT station[]

Platform level of the station
Platform level of the station

Toa Payoh MRT station is an underground Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station on the North South line (NSL) in Toa Payoh, Singapore. The station is underneath the intersection of three roads: Lorong 1 Toa Payoh, Lorong 2 Toa Payoh and Lorong 6 Toa Payoh, and is integrated with the Toa Payoh Bus Interchange and the HDB Hub. First announced in May 1982, construction of the station began in 1983 as part of Phase I of the MRT system. In August 1985, Toa Payoh was the first MRT station in Singapore to have its concrete structure completed. The station opened on 7 November 1987 and was one of the first MRT stations to operate in revenue service. The station has a bright yellow scheme with a set of coloured tiles at the concourse level. (Full article...)

November 8[]

J. Havens Richards[]

J. Havens Richards

J. Havens Richards (November 8, 1851 – June 9, 1923) was an American Catholic priest and Jesuit. Born to a prominent Ohio family, he was secretly baptized as an infant by his father, an Episcopal priest who converted to Catholicism. Richards studied at Boston College and Woodstock College. In 1888, he became the president of Georgetown University and for the next decade, he instituted major reforms and expansions to transform the school into a modern, comprehensive university. He enlarged the graduate programs, medical school, and law school, established the university hospital, improved the astronomical observatory, and oversaw the completion of Healy Hall and construction of Dahlgren Chapel. Richards also fought anti-Catholicism in the Ivy League, particularly at Harvard Law School, and managed tensions with the newly founded Catholic University of America, located in the same city. In his later years, he held senior positions at Jesuit institutions throughout the northeastern United States. (Full article...)

November 19[]

I Drink Wine[]

Adele in 2021
Adele in 2021

"I Drink Wine" is a song by English singer Adele from her fourth studio album 30 (2021). Adele co-wrote the song with its producer Greg Kurstin. It became available as the album's seventh track on 19 November 2021, when it was released by Columbia Records. "I Drink Wine" is a ballad with gospel influences which is reminiscent of church music and incorporates a piano and an organ in its instrumentation. The song is about letting go of one's ego and addresses Adele's divorce with Simon Konecki, comprising arduous realisations about the condition of her marriage and life. "I Drink Wine" received generally positive reviews from music critics, some of whom viewed it as one of Adele's best songs and a career highlight. It reached the top 10 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Sweden, and entered the charts in various other countries. Adele performed "I Drink Wine" for her television specials, and at the Brit Awards 2022 which was positively received. (Full article...)

What exactly is supposed to change if we wait longer? The TFA criteria (displayed at the top of this very page, actually) mentions no specific waiting period after promotion. Doesn't seem like there's any weight to this random argument.--NØ 17:23, 23 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Fine, I change it to Weak Oppose, happy now? Great Mercian (talk) 17:28, 23 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
No different argument offered with regard to the TFA criteria so my feelings about the useless vote remain the same.--NØ 17:30, 23 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

December 1[]

Annunciation (Memling)[]

Annunciation Memling.jpg
Annunciation is an oil painting on oak panel attributed to Early Netherlandish painter Hans Memling. It depicts the Annunciation, the archangel Gabriel's announcement to the Virgin Mary that she would conceive and become the mother of Jesus. The panel shows her in a domestic interior with two attendant angels. Gabriel is dressed in ecclesiastical robes, while a dove hovers above Mary, representing the Holy Spirit. The iconography focuses on the Virgin's purity. Her swoon foreshadows the Crucifixion of Jesus, and the panel emphasizes her role as mother, bride, and Queen of Heaven. The painting was completed around 1482, and the original frame survived until the 19th century. It was partially transferred to canvas in the 1920s, and it is today held in the Robert Lehman collection of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. In 1847 Gustav Friedrich Waagen described it as one of Memling's "finest and most original works". (Full article...)
Coordinator comment I've started to plan December but I haven't given any thought to December 25 yet. If people want to opine on December 18, that might be good even though it's too early for a formal nomination for that date.--Wehwalt (talk) 16:19, 28 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]