Socrates (example)
The Ancient Greek philosopher
Born470 BC
Died399 BC

Subject's complete name (birthdate – death) can be a lead-in to the subject's popular name. Describe the subject's nationality and profession(s) in which the subject is most notable. Provide a description of the subject's major contributions in the immediately relevant field(s) of notable expertise.

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Ensure that the following sections are organized by year.[1]

Early life[]

Explain the subject's early life historically using a journalistic style.[1]

Marriage and children[]

If the subject married and gave birth, describe the marriage and list their children.


[If applicable] Legacy If any, describe. See Charles Darwin for an example.

Philosophical and/or political views[]

Wikipedia is not a soapbox for individuals to espouse their views. However, views held by politicians, writers, and others may be summarized in their biography only to the extent those views are covered by reliable sources that are independent of the control of the politician, writer, etc.

Published works[]

If any, list the works organized by date of publication. See Charles Darwin for an example.


Include honours, decorations, awards, and distinctions in this section, if any.

See also[]

List related Wikipedia articles in alphabetical order. Common nouns are listed first. Proper nouns follow.

References/Notes and references[]

Always cite your sources! No original research!

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Further reading[]

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External links[]

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