Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform

Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform
Arabic: وزارة الصحة و السكان وإصلاح المستشفيات‎
French: Ministère de la Santé, de la Population et de la Réforme Hospitalière
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Agency overview
  • Ministry of Health
TypePublic health
JurisdictionGovernment of Algeria
Headquarters125, Bd Abderrahmane Laala, El Madania, Algiers, Algeria
36°44′50″N 3°03′44″E / 36.74733158813259°N 3.062108381753797°E / 36.74733158813259; 3.062108381753797 (Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform)Coordinates: 36°44′50″N 3°03′44″E / 36.74733158813259°N 3.062108381753797°E / 36.74733158813259; 3.062108381753797 (Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform)
Minister responsible
  • Abdel Rahman Binbouzid

The Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform (MSPRH) is the health ministry of Republic of Algeria. It is located in El Madania, a municipality of Algiers. The Ministry is responsible for public health facilities and population monitoring.[1][2] The Minister is a member of the Council of Ministers of Algeria, which reports to the President of Algeria as part of the executive branch of the government.


The Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform was formerly the Ministry of Health and Population. The name was changed in about 2000.[3]

The ministry has organized the country into five regions with 5 Health Regional Councils (CRS) and 5 Regional Health Observatories (RHAs). At the Provincial level, there are 48 Directorates of Health and Population (one per province).[4]


The current minister is Abdel Rahman Binbouzid (term: January 2, 2020–January 2, 2025).[5] Former ministers include:[6]


The Ministry is organized into the following units:[1]

General Secretariat
  • Minister's office
  • Inspector General

General Directorate of Prevention and Promotion of Health

  • Directorate for the Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases
  • Noncommunicable Diseases Directorate
  • Socio-environmental prevention department
  • Under Directorate of Immunization Programs and Health Promotion.
  • Sub-Directorate for the fight against prevalent diseases and health alert
  • Sub-Directorate for the prevention of non-communicable diseases and the fight against risk factors

Department of specific health actions

Mental Health Promotion Department

Environment and Food Risk Prevention Department

General Directorate of Health Services and Hospital Reform

Direction of care programs, ethics and medical deontology

Department of hospitals and hospital reform

Department of local health structures

  • Under the direction of the new birth, childhood, adolescence and youth care programs

Adult and Elderly Care Programs Department

Department of Ethics and Medical Deontology

  • Under the direction of public hospitals
  • Under the direction of private hospitals
  • Under the Emergency Department

Department of local health structures and home care

Under the Directorate of Private Medicine

General Directorate of Pharmacy and Health Equipment

  • Pharmaceuticals Directorate
  • Health equipment department
  • Pharmaceutical Products Promotion Department
  • Under the Directorate of Pharmaceutical Product Registration
  • Regulation and Technical Activities Department
  • Under the direction of hospital pharmacy
  • Health Equipment Approval Department
  • Health Equipment Regulation and Supply Department

Technical Support Department

Human Resources Department

Under the Direction of Medical and Paramedical Staff

Under Direction of Administrative and Technical Staff

Department of Studies and Planning

Department of Studies and Investment Programs

Planning Department

Department of Finance and Resources

Budget and Accounting Department

Sub-Directorate of General Resources

Information Systems and Computing Department

Organization and Information System Department

Computer Networks Department

Training Department

  • Under the Direction of Initial Training
  • Under the Continuing Education Department

Directorate of Regulation, Litigation and Cooperation

  • Regulatory Department
  • Sub-Directorate of Litigation
  • Legal Studies Department

Under the Cooperation Department

Directorate of Population

  • Department of Reproductive Health and Family Planning
  • Under the Studies, Research and Analysis Department
  • Department of Foresight and Demographic Watch
  • Population Strategies and Programs Department

Public health establishments[]

In 2020, there were according to the Ministry 586 public health establishments in Algeria. There are 69,948 beds in CHU, EHU, EH, EHS, and EPH establishments and 6,584 beds in community hospitals (EPSP). These establishments are broken down as follows:[7]

Public health establishments in Algeria
Type Number of establishments Number of beds
CHU 15 13,755
EHU 1 770
EH 9 1,533
EHS 83 13,384
EPH 207 40,506
EPSP 273 6,585

Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire (CHU)[]

CHU Mustapha Pacha, Algiers
CHU Mohamad Lamine Debaghine
CHU Beni Messours
CHU Béjaïa, Frantz Fanon
CHU Abdelhamid Ben Badis

According to the Algerian Ministry of Health, Population and Hospital Reform there were 15 Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire (CHU) in Algeria in 2019, up from 13 in 2004. In 2019, there were 13,755 beds in the CHU facilities. A CHU may include multiple hospitals. Below is a list of the CHU in Algeria, showing the region, city, province, affiliated university, and number of beds.[8][9][10]

Centre Hospitalo-Universitaire (CHU) in Algeria
Region CHU City Province University Beds
Center CHU Mustapha Pacha Sidi M'Hamed36°45′44″N 3°03′12″E / 36.762207368724354°N 3.0534096682635736°E / 36.762207368724354; 3.0534096682635736 (CHU Mustapha Pacha hospital) Algiers Province Algiers 1 University 1,500, established in 1854[11][12]
Center CHU Mohamad Lamine Debaghine Bab El Oued36°47′44″N 3°02′58″E / 36.79565151308986°N 3.0494983694528135°E / 36.79565151308986; 3.0494983694528135 (CHU Lamine Debaghing) Algiers Province Algiers 1 University [12]
Center CHU Nafissa Hamoud Hussein Dey Hussein Dey36°44′12″N 3°06′17″E / 36.73679542236154°N 3.1048112375713504°E / 36.73679542236154; 3.1048112375713504 (CHU Nafissa Hamoud) Algiers Province Algiers 1 University [12][13]
Center CHU Issad Hassani Beni Messous Beni Messous36°47′14″N 2°58′51″E / 36.78713404409454°N 2.980965244172839°E / 36.78713404409454; 2.980965244172839 (CHU Issad Hassani) Algiers Province Algiers 1 University [12][13]

Part of CHUs

  • CHU Djillali Bounaâma Douera
  • CHU/EPSP Zéralda Belkacemi Tayeb (700 beds)
Douera, Zéralda Algiers Province Algiers 1 University [14][15][16][17][13][12]

CHU Annaba

  • CHU Ibn Sina Annaba (466 beds)
  • CHU Dorban (198 beds)
  • CHU Hospital of Mother and Child El Bouni (150 beds)
  • CHU Sainte Thérèse (94 beds)
  • CHU Anti-Cancer Center (150 beds)
Annaba36°54′38″N 7°44′48″E / 36.9106126284729°N 7.7467060817601014°E / 36.9106126284729; 7.7467060817601014 (Ibn Rochd University Hospital) Annaba Province Badji Mokhtar Annaba University 1,058[18]
East CHU Benflis Al-Tohamy University Hospital Batna35°31′56″N 6°11′20″E / 35.53213725592191°N 6.188836224034549°E / 35.53213725592191; 6.188836224034549 (Benflis Al-Tohamy University Hospital) Batna Province Batna 2 University 612[19][13]

CHU Béjaïa

  • Frantz Fanon Hospital (104 beds)
  • Khelil Amrane Hospital (204 beds)
  • Targa Ouzemmour Hospital (105 beds)
Béjaïa36°45′22″N 5°05′00″E / 36.7562273°N 5.083458°E / 36.7562273; 5.083458 (CHU Béjaïa, Frantz Fanon Hospital) Béjaïa Province University of Béjaïa 514[20]

CHU Blida

  • CHU Blida Hassid Ben Bouali
  • Frantz Fanon Hospital
  • Mohamed Yazid Hospital
  • Zabana Dental Clinic
Blida36°30′05″N 2°52′52″E / 36.50152278727867°N 2.8812070817442956°E / 36.50152278727867; 2.8812070817442956 (CHU Blida) Blida Province Blida 1 University 723[21]
East CHU Abdelhamid Ben Badis Constantine36°22′21″N 6°37′04″E / 36.37252087146505°N 6.617779261494081°E / 36.37252087146505; 6.617779261494081 (University Hospital Abdelhamid Ben Badis) Constantine Province Constantine 1 University 1,426[22]
Central CHU Baloguat University Laghouat33°47′31″N 2°51′00″E / 33.792041992044155°N 2.8501201424160043°E / 33.792041992044155; 2.8501201424160043 (Baloguat University Hospital) Laghouat Province University of Laghouat 240[23]
West CHU Mostaganem Kharouba Mostaganem35°57′57″N 0°06′13″E / 35.96576119243395°N 0.10374179305732123°E / 35.96576119243395; 0.10374179305732123 (CHU Mostaganem) Mostaganem Province Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University of Mostaganem 240[24]
West CHU Oran Oran35°41′36″N 0°38′21″W / 35.693276°N 0.639028°W / 35.693276; -0.639028 (CHU Oran) Oran Province Oran 1 University 2,922, CHU in 2003[25][26]
East CHU Saadna Abdenour Sétif Sétif36°11′32″N 5°24′10″E / 36.19224842747581°N 5.402855552787355°E / 36.19224842747581; 5.402855552787355 (CHU Saadna Abendour Sétif) Sétif Province Ferhat Abbas Setif 1 University 838[27][28]
West CHU Hassani Abdelkader Sidi Bel Abbès (SBA) Sidi Bel Abbès35°11′02″N 0°38′54″W / 35.18376723104693°N 0.6482501331394779°W / 35.18376723104693; -0.6482501331394779 (CHU Hassani Abdelkader Sidi Bel Abbès) Sidi Bel Abbès Province (SBA) University of Sidi Bel Abbes (Djillali Liabes University) 616[29]
Central CHU Ouargla Ouargla31°58′11″N 5°19′46″E / 31.969711224237376°N 5.329370305249403°E / 31.969711224237376; 5.329370305249403 (CHU Mohamed Boudiaf Ouargla) Ouargla Province University of Ouargla (Université Kasdi Merbah Ouargla) 407[22][30][31]

CHU Tizi Ouzou

  • Nedir Mohamed Hospital
  • Sidi Belloua Hospital
  • Dental Hospital
Tizi Ouzou36°42′36″N 4°03′16″E / 36.70994632168422°N 4.054537006972077°E / 36.70994632168422; 4.054537006972077 (CHU Tizi Ouzou, Nedir Mohamed Hospital) Tizi Ouzou Province Mouloud Mammeri University of Tizi Ouzou 1,043[32][22]
West CHU Tlemcen Tlemcen34°52′32″N 1°19′37″W / 34.87545704153338°N 1.3270684831186101°W / 34.87545704153338; -1.3270684831186101 (CHU Tlemcen) Tlemcen Province Abou Bekr Belkaid University of Tlemcen 646, established 1954, CHU 1986[33][22]
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