2014 Antiguan general election

2014 Antiguan general election

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All 17 seats in the House of Representatives
9 seats needed for a majority
Turnout90.27% (Increase 10.00pp)
  First party Second party
  Gaston Browne and Anton Bakov (cropped).jpg BaldwinSpencer (cropped).jpg
Leader Gaston Browne Baldwin Spencer
Last election 47.16%, 7 seats 50.95%, 9 seats
Seats won 14 3
Seat change Increase 7 Decrease 6
Popular vote 24,212 17,994
Percentage 56.45% 41.95%
Swing Increase 9.29pp Decrease 9.00pp

Antigua and Barbuda election results 2014.svg
Winning party by constituency

Prime Minister before election

Baldwin Spencer

Subsequent Prime Minister

Gaston Browne

General elections were held in Antigua and Barbuda on 12 June 2014.[1] The result was a victory for the opposition Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party led by Gaston Browne, which won 14 of the 17 seats. Following the election, Browne became the country's youngest Prime Minister.


After a long delay due to a pending Court order about a boundary change which would have affected the parliamentary seats, on 15 May 2014 the Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer set the election day.[2]

Electoral system[]

The 17 elected members of the House of Representatives were elected in single-member constituencies by first-past-the-post.[3] There were 164 polling stations.[4]


During the campaign Gaston Browne said that he would make the country an economic powerhouse in the Caribbean. He also campaigned on turning around a stagnant economy, high unemployment and crime. He further sought to bring about full employment and attract investment while saying "there will be no quick fixes" and it would take time to change.[4]


The Labour Party won 14 of 17 seats, while the ruling UPP won the other three seats.[5] UPP Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer was re-elected in his seat by a narrow margin of about 30 votes.[6] Arthur Nibbs of the Labour Party was elected in Barbuda by a single vote, which remains the last occasion that a national party won the Barbuda constituency.

Antigua Chambre des représentants 2014.svg
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party24,21256.4514+7
United Progressive Party17,99441.953−6
Barbuda People's Movement4841.130−1
Antigua & Barbuda True Labour Party1820.420New
Antigua Barbuda People's Movement130.030New
Missing Link VOP70.020New
Valid votes42,89299.57
Invalid/blank votes1850.43
Total votes43,077100.00
Registered voters/turnout47,72090.27
Source: Antigua Elections

By constituency[]

Constituency Electorate Turnout % Political party Candidate Votes %
All Saints East & St. Luke 3,365 3,087 91.74 United Progressive Party Joanne Massiah 1,438 51.69
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Colin James 1,438 46.78
Antigua Barbuda People's Movement Owen George 12 0.39
All Saints West 3,959 3,560 89.92 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Michael Browne 1,931 54.49
United Progressive Party Lorencezo Codrington 1,596 45.03
Antigua & Barbuda True Labour Party Dayton Samuel 17 0.48
Barbuda 1,017 972 95.58 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Arthur Nibbs 485 50.05
Barbuda People's Movement Trevor Walker 484 49.95
St. George 4,535 4,012 88.47 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Dean Jonas 2,182 54.51
United Progressive Party Jacqui Quinn-Leandro 1,765 44.09
Antigua and Barbuda True Labour Party Kelton Dalso 56 1.40
St. John's City East 1,585 1,480 93.38 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Melford Nicholas 794 53.79
United Progressive Party Harold Lovell 682 46.21
St. John's City South 1,459 1,323 90.68 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Cutie Benjamin 828 62.92
United Progressive Party Mervyn Richards 488 37.08
St. John's City West 2,335 2,131 91.26 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Gaston Browne 1,394 65.57
United Progressive Party Colin Derrick 732 34.43
St. John's Rural East 4,169 3,719 89.21 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Lester Bird 2,144 57.95
United Progressive Party Leon Cort 1,556 42.05
St. John's Rural North 3,406 3,089 90.69 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Max Fernandez 1,860 60.55
United Progressive Party Hubert Maginley 1,205 39.23
Missing Link VOP Nigel Bascus 7 0.23
St. John's Rural South 2,924 2,592 88.82 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Eustace Lake 1,548 59.84
United Progressive Party Philmore Benjamin 1,011 39.08
Antigua and Barbuda True Labour Party Vere Bird III 28 1.08
St. John's Rural West 4,493 3,978 88.54 United Progressive Party Baldwin Spencer 1,993 50.38
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Londell Benjamin 1,963 49.62
St. Mary's North 4,127 3,690 89.41 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Molwyn Joseph 2,089 56.80
United Progressive Party Chester Hughes 1,589 43.20
St. Mary's South 2,131 1,959 91.93 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Samantha Marshall 1,009 52.09
United Progressive Party Hilson Baptiste 928 47.91
St. Paul 2,734 2,453 89.72 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Chet Green 1,453 59.23
United Progressive Party Eleston Adams 969 39.53
Antigua and Barbuda True Labour Party Shoy Athill 29 1.18
St. Peter 2,849 2,526 88.66 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Asot Michael 2,182 54.51
United Progressive Party Clephane Roberts 733 28.83
Antigua and Barbuda True Labour Party Sharlene Warner-Samuel 52 2.08
St. Philip North 1,580 1,446 91.52 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Robin Yearwood 951 66.23
United Progressive Party Shawn Nicholas 485 33.77
St. Philip South 1,056 968 91.67 United Progressive Party Wilmoth Daniel 523 54.37
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party Lennox Weston 439 45.63
Source: Caribbean Elections


Browne said of the result that "it is evident that the people have spoken and they have spoken resoundly. [sic] [I am] very humbled by the mandate. The reality is that this country is in dire straits and would require the efforts of the entire nation. [The win is] one for you the people. We have actually set an impressive vision for this country. I remain hopeful and very optimistic about the future of the Antigua and Barbuda. I want us to work towards the vision and to make Antigua and Barbuda the envy of the other countries in the world. [The victory] itself actually speaks volumes. I would not think we could have deserved a better out turn."[4] Spencer accepted defeat, saying that the people had clearly chosen the ALP.[6]


 Saint Kitts and Nevis Team Unity leader Timothy Harris congratulated Browne and said he would support the new government. He added: "I extend my very best wishes to you and your incoming administration as you assume the mandate of service to the people of Antigua and Barbuda and the region. From our many interactions over the years, I know that you are passionate and committed to build a better Antigua and Barbuda and Caribbean region. In that noble mission of service to the people you have our every encouragement and support."[5]

Government formation[]

Attorney Steadroy "Cuttie" Benjamin became the attorney general.[4]


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