Zwolle railway station

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Zwolle railway station
General information
LocationZwolle, Overijssel, Netherlands
Coordinates52°30′19″N 6°5′26″E / 52.50528°N 6.09056°E / 52.50528; 6.09056Coordinates: 52°30′19″N 6°5′26″E / 52.50528°N 6.09056°E / 52.50528; 6.09056
Owned byNederlandse Spoorwegen
Line(s)Utrecht–Kampen railway
Arnhem–Leeuwarden railway
Zwolle–Almelo railway
Zwolle–Stadskanaal railway
Lelystad–Zwolle railway
ConnectionsBus transport OV Regio IJsselmond: 70, 71, 74, 171, 641
Bus transport Syntus: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 29, 40, 83, 100, 161, 166, 167, 200, 201, 202, 203, 609, 667, 668
Other information
Station codeZl
Opened6 June 1864
Preceding station Nederlandse Spoorwegen Following station
Amersfoort NS Intercity 500 Terminus
NS Intercity 600 Steenwijk
towards Leeuwarden
Lelystad Centrum NS Intercity 700 Assen
towards Groningen
NS Intercity 1800 Meppel
towards Leeuwarden
towards Roosendaal
NS Intercity 3600 Terminus
Kampen Zuid NS Sprinter 4600
Wezep NS Sprinter 5600
Terminus NS Sprinter 7900 Heino
towards Enschede
NS Sprinter 8100 Meppel
towards Groningen
Zwolle Stadshagen
towards Kampen
NS Sprinter 8500 Terminus
Preceding station Arriva Following station
Terminus Sneltrein 3800 Dalfsen
towards Emmen
Sneltrein 13800 Dalfsen
towards Coevorden
Stoptrein 8000 Dalfsen
towards Emmen
Zwolle is located in Netherlands
Location within Netherlands

Zwolle is the main railway station of Zwolle in Overijssel, Netherlands. The station opened on 6 June 1864 and is on the Utrecht–Kampen railway, also known as the Centraalspoorweg, the Zwolle–Almelo railway, the Arnhem–Leeuwarden railway, the Zwolle–Stadskanaal railway and the Lelystad–Zwolle railway, also known as the Hanzelijn.

The station is a major hub for the Northern Netherlands. It is the only way trains can get from the north of the country, to any other region of the Netherlands.


On 31 August 2010, the principal stakeholders in the railway station—ProRail, Nederlandse Spoorwegen and the municipality of Zwolle—started the ZwolleSpoort project. This project will result in a major renovation of the existing station, an increase in capacity and an overhaul of the entire public transportation organization in the city.[1] The main reason for the project is the Hanzelijn project, which is expected to increase the passenger traffic by 33% in the period up to 2020. In order to deal with the extra traffic, the passenger tunnel (which was 5 meters wide) in the station was replaced by a new tunnel 17 meters wide and 120 meters long. The new tunnel, which opened on 26 June 2015, will lead onto a new public transportation terminal at the southern end of the station, which will be the main crossroads of the city buses, regional buses and the future tramline to the city of Kampen.[1] The tunnel will also feature shopping facilities.

The project also entails increasing the capacity and efficiency of the railway emplacement. The new Hanzelijn will be accommodated by a new, fourth railway platform and the 34 points near the station will be replaced by 15 longer ones which will allow a more efficient railway pattern and allow trains to pass at higher speeds.[1]

Train services[]

As of 11 December 2016, the following train services call at this station:

Bus services[]

Many bus services also depart from the bus stations outside the station. These include services all over the city and regional services to Harderwijk, Apeldoorn, Urk, Steenwijk, Meppel, Coevorden, Ommen, Raalte and Deventer. NS means the service calls at the railway station.

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