Yu (percussion instrument)

Yu (Chinese: ),
a collection of Taiwan Confucian Temple

The yu (Chinese: ; pinyin: yǔ) was a wooden percussion instrument carved in the shape of a tiger with a serrated back comprising 27 "teeth", used since ancient times in China for Confucian court ritual music. It was played by striking its head three times with a bamboo whisk made from approximately 15 stalks of bamboo, and then scraping it across the serrated back once to mark the end of a piece of music.

The yu is mentioned along with another percussion instrument called zhu (柷) in pre-Qin Dynasty annals; it also appears in the Classic of History.

The yu was adopted by the Korean court in ancient times, where it was known as eo (hangul: ; hanja: ), and is still used in Confucian ritual music.

The "yu" was also used in Shao music.

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