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This page provides information about Wikipedia:Books, why the in-house book generator was withdrawn, why template {{Wikipedia books}} is retained hidden in articles, and what alternatives exists to obtain collections of Wikipedia pages and individual Wikipedia pages.


The Book namespace with a book creator accompanied with an offline rendering service was introduced in 2009 to generate free collections of Wikipedia articles as e-books. The Wikimedia Foundation turned off the offline rendering service on all Wikimedia wikis in October 2017. Simply put, the offline book generator was no longer maintainable — it frequently broke and had evolving security issues. (see below for alternatives)

Why are links to books hidden in articles?[]

Main discussion: Wikipedia:Village pump:Suppress rendering of Template:Wikipedia books

The book creator link was removed from the sidebar but its user interface remains functional. As it is no longer is accompanied by a free book generator, its primary working feature directs users to order a printed copy of a Wikipedia book from PediaPress, a third-party company. Editors in the discussion about removing the book creator and suppressing book templates (Template:Wikipedia books - Template:Book bar - Template:Books-inline) valued the user experience of Wikipedia readers over the business prospects of third-party companies. The namespace and its transclusions are still retained in the hope that the WMF will come up with a solution. As a result of anticipated future solutions, template transclusions should not be removed from articles unless it's in a section by its self.

What alternatives are there?[]

You can still create and a book design using the book creator and upload it to an external rendering service:


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