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This is to guide the structure and normalize the standard of articles dealing with the Television medium and television series or other forms of episodic programs.

Project-specific guidelines[]

Descendant WikiProjects and task forces[]

Category:Inactive TV-related WikiProjects

Related WikiProjects[]


User WikiProject Television

A list of participants can be found at Category:WikiProject Television participants.

Technically speaking, anyone who s / contributes to TV related articles is a participant, and there are no requirements other than that. If one wishes one can further identify oneself with the project by listing one's name as a participant. This helps spread the word about the project and can help other ors see what types of articles that user is interested in ing.

To add yourself to the project listing add the following to your user page:

[[Category:WikiProject Television participants|{{subst:PAGENAME}}]]

Or, if you wish to use the userbox, add {{User WP TV}} to your user page instead as it includes the above wikicode.

Writing and ing television related articles[]

This project deals with a lot of television related articles, but they are not all the same. Therefore we have created separate pages with information for each type of television related article.


First of all, be sure to read these guidelines, policies and discussions if you want to write good articles on fiction.

Characters and fictional elements[]

TODO Wikipedia:WikiProject Television/Fictional elements (includes characters)

Featured articles[]

See these featured articles for examples of well written articles on characters and elements from fiction:

Naming a character[]

There is no guideline or policy about naming an article about a fictional character. See the essay Wikipedia:Naming character articles.

People working in television[]

Actors, producers, writers etc. are all real people. Turn to WikiProject Biography for help on writing such articles. Here are some quick guidelines and tips for you however.


As a rule do not create categories for "People by series", because they can potentially work on numerous series or movies etc. You should categorize by profession. See the higher level Category:Television actors, Category:Television directors, Category:Television producers, Category:Television writers, Category:Television presenters in the top level Category:Television people.


Fair Use images on pages of real people that are still alive are not allowed, because these images are replaceable. You also cannot use an image from a television program, etc., because you are not illustrating the character but the actor.

Featured articles[]

More television templates[]


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Important Alerts[]

New articles[]

InceptionBot has been set up to identify new articles that are potentially within the scope of this project, based on the rules defined at User:AlexNewArtBot/Television. It is likely that some are false positives, in which case the log at User:AlexNewArtBot/TelevisionLog should be examined for more information.

Article alerts[]

Please watch Wikipedia:WikiProject Television/Article alerts, for important alerts related to articles of this Wikiproject. "Article alerts" will be updated daily, and will also be transcluded here.

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