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The TFAR requests page is currently accepting nominations from November 1 to December 1. Articles for dates beyond then can be listed here, but please note that doing so does not count as a nomination and does not guarantee selection.
Before listing here, please check for dead links using checklinks or otherwise, and make sure all statements have good references. This is particularly important for older FAs and reruns.


Date Article Reason Primary author(s) Added by (if different)
November 11 Kurt Vonnegut Why Wehwalt KingEuronIIIGreyjoy
November 12 Ernie Fletcher Why Acdixon Painting17
November 22 Niandra LaDes and Usually Just a T-Shirt Why NSR77, Famous Hobo Hog Farm
December 3 Margarita with a Straw Why Numerounovedant Sheila1988
December 4 Lee Smith (baseball) Why Nishkid64 Z1720
December 6 Bill Denny Why Peacemaker67 Z1720
December 7 Apollo 17 Why Wehwalt, Tyrol5
December 13 CSS Baltic Why Hog Farm
December 14 Mandrill Why LittleJerry
December 15 The Chronic Why TUF-KAT RTSthestardust
December 16 Tom Eastick Why Peacemaker67
December 18 2014 FIFA World Cup Final Why Flix11, Amakuru Sheila1988
December 20 Réunion swamphen Why FunkMonk Sheila1988
December 22 Blast Corps Why czar
December 22 Like I'm Gonna Lose You Why MaranoFan
December 28 Operation Grandslam Why Indy beetle Painting17
December 28 Battle of Van Buren Why Hog Farm
January 1 History of timekeeping devices Why 9 ors co-nomed Z1720
January 12 Basiliscus Why Iazyges
January 13 Æthelwulf, King of Wessex Why Dudley Miles Z1720
January 15 Shooting of James Ashley Why HJ Mitchell Z1720
January 25 Witold Lutosławski Why RobertG Z1720
January 27 Persecution of homosexuals in Nazi Germany Why Buidhe
January 31 Leah LaBelle Why Aoba47
February 10 After the Deluge (painting) Why Iridescent Z1720
February 14 I Need You (Paris Hilton song) Why Aoba47
February 16 Roberta Williams Why Shooterwalker Rhain
February 27 Will P. Brady Why Usernameunique Z1720
March 6 Operation Flavius Why HJ Mitchell Z1720
March 8 Interstate 205 (Oregon–Washington) Why SounderBruce
March 15 The Holocaust in Greece Why Buidhe
March 17 Eduard Fraenkel Why Modussiccandi Z1720
March 21 Chinua Achebe Why Scartol, Indy beetle Z1720
March 25 Annunciation (Memling) Why Johnbod, Ceoil Sheila1988
March 26 Tell All Your Friends Why MusicforthePeople, DannyMusicEditor
March 31 Dr. No (novel) Why SchroCat Z1720
April 1 Masked booby Why Casliber, J Milburn Sheila1988
April 3 Riders Field Why Scm83x Z1720
April 4 Eric A. Havelock Why Chick Bowen Z1720
April 7 Beaver Why LittleJerry
April 8 R2K: The Concert Why Pseud 14
April 22 Renewable energy in Scotland Why Ben MacDui Z1720
April 23 Angel Locsin Why Pseud 14
April 24 Armenian genocide denial Why Buidhe
April 28 Yugoslav destroyer Beograd Why Peacemaker67
May 1 Pontiac's War Why Kevin1776 Z1720
May 4 Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy Why IceWelder Sheila1988
May 8 Julian of Norwich Why Amitchell125
May 11 Judy Ann Santos Why Pseud 14
May 12 Battle of Raymond Why Hog Farm
June The World Before the Flood Why Iridescent Z1720
June 1 But I'm a Cheerleader Why Belovedfreak Sheila1988
June 2 Oscar Isaac Why Adamstom.97, Facu-el Millo Sheila1988
June 3 2018 FA Cup Final Why The Rambling Man Sheila1988
June 6 British logistics in the Normandy campaign Why Hawkeye7 Sheila1988
July 9 Battle of Corydon Why Charles Edward Painting17
June 12 BTS Why Wehwalt, ErnestKrause, BTSpurplegalaxy
July 16 Katrina Kaif Why AB01, FrB.TG Z1720
July 21 Battle of Inverkeithing Why Gog the Mild
July 22 Anglo-Scottish war (1650–1652) Why Gog the Mild
July 24 Stanley Goble Why Ian Rose Z1720
July 26 Mick Jagger Why TheSandDoctor
August 11 Battle of Dupplin Moor Why Gog the Mild
August 15 Chandralekha (1948 film) Why Kailash29792 Sheila1988
August 25 Marcian Why Iazyges
August 26 Hundred Years' War, 1345–1347 Why Gog the Mild
September 6 Marmaduke–Walker duel Why Hog Farm
September 12 Interstate 90 Why SounderBruce
September 13 Pilot (Supernatural) Why Ophois Painting17
September 14 Jacob Gens Why Ealdgyth, Renata3 Z1720
September 18 Leonhard Euler Why Borisblue Z1720
September 18–24 Shaylee Mansfield Why Pamzeis
September 19 Battle of Poitiers Why Gog the Mild
September 20 Yarralumla, Australian Capital Territory Why Martyman Z1720
September 30 Secretarybird Why Aa77zz, Casliber Sheila1988
October 6 Armadillo shoe Why Premated Chaos
October 31 Torture Why Buidhe Sheila1988
November 1 Tôn Thất Đính Why YellowMonkey Sheila1988
November 7 1899 Kentucky gubernatorial election Why Acdixon, Xtzou Sheila1988
November 11 The Cenotaph Why HJ Mitchell Sheila1988
November 18 Alan Shepard Why Hawkeye7 Painting17
November 26 2003 Cricket World Cup Final Why Karyasuman, Vensatry Sheila1988
February 28 Christopher C. Kraft Jr. Why MLilburne Z1720
March 29 Barthélemy Boganda Why Nishkid64 Z1720
April 7 El Greco Why Yannismarou Z1720
May 26 Augustine of Canterbury Why Ealdgyth Z1720
July 26 Margaret Abbott Why Kavyansh.Singh
September 18 Samuel Johnson Why Ottava Rima, Malleus Fatuorum, SandyGeorgia Z1720
October 10 Paulinus of York Why Ealdgyth Z1720
October 17 Frédéric Chopin Why Smerus Z1720
November 2 Daniel Boone Why Kevin1776 Z1720
November 18 Donkey Kong Country Why TheJoebro64, Jaguar TheJoebro64
November 22 Donkey Kong 64 Why czar
November 27 Interstate 182 Why SounderBruce

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