Weldford Parish, New Brunswick

Location within Kent County, New Brunswick.
Location within Kent County, New Brunswick.
Coordinates: 46°28′12″N 65°05′33″W / 46.47°N 65.0925°W / 46.47; -65.0925
Country Canada
Province New Brunswick
CountyKent County
 • Land611.30 km2 (236.02 sq mi)
 • Total1,338
 • Density2.2/km2 (6/sq mi)
 • Change 2011-2016
Increase 1.5%
 • Dwellings
Time zoneUTC-4 (AST)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-3 (ADT)

Weldford is a civil parish in Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada.[2]

For governance purposes it is divided between Richibucto 15 Indian reserve and the local service district of the parish of Weldford, which is a member of the Kent Regional Service Commission (KRSC).[3]

Origin of name[]

Weldford was a portmanteau of the names of the two Kent County Members of the Legislative Assembly in 1835, John W. Weldon and John P. Ford.[4][5]


Weldford was erected in 1835 from Richibucto Parish.[6]


Weldford Parish is bounded:[2][7][8][9]


Communities at least partly within the parish;[7][8][9] bold indicates an Indian reserve; italics indicate a name no longer in official use

Bodies of water[]

Bodies of water[c] at least partly in the parish:[7][8][9]


Islands at least partly in the parish:[7][8][9]

Other notable places[]

Parks, historic sites, and other noteworthy places at least partly in the parish.[7][8][9][12]


Parish population does not include Richibucto 15 Indian reserve


There are several Catholic churches in Weldford Parish, all belonging to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Moncton:

Bass River Presbyterian Church in 1886

Also there are four Presbyterian churches, belonging to Bass River Pastoral Charge, The Presbytery of New Brunswick, Synod of the Atlantic Provinces:

The United Church of Canada has two congregations, belonging to Rexton Pastoral Charge, Chignecto Presbytery, Maritime Conference:

And there is one Anglican church, belonging to the Parish of Kent, Archdeaconry of Moncton, Diocese of Fredericton.

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