Václav Renč

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Václav Renč (28 November 1911 – 30 April 1973) was a Czech poet, dramatist and translator. Like other catholic ruralistic writers, his themes included God, traditions and the countryside.

Renč was born in Vodochody. He graduated from the College of Philosophy of Charles University in Prague in 1936. He ed the journal Rozhledy po literatuře (Czech Views over literature) together with František Halas (between 1933 – 1936). Then he worked as an or at several journals (Akord, Obnova and Řád), later as a publishing or. He was also a dramaturgist in Olomouc theater (1945 – 1948) and in Zemské divadlo theater in Brno in 1947.

After the 1948 communist coup in Czechoslovakia he and other catholic writers were hated by the regime. In 1951, Renč was arrested and in 1952 he was sentenced to 25 years in prison without any evidence. He was released in 1962, rehabilitated in 1968.[1] He became dramaturg operetta dramaturgist in Olomouc in 1969. He died, aged 61, in Brno.


Aside his own work he has also translated from German, English, French, Italian and Polish.


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