TicinoTree.jpg I've been taking a loooooong break from ing because it was taking up too much time, I guess. I keep missing it, though. If I can just finish writing up a couple of papers ...

My real name is Piotr (call me Peter). I am a theoretical physicist, with my research being mainly in the quantum mechanics of extremely cold gases. However, I usually avoid going anywhere near the quantum mechanics articles in Wikipedia.

I have lived in Warszawa (Warsaw), Poland for the last 5 years. In the past I have lived in Orsay in the suburbs of Paris for two and a half years, and in Amsterdam in the Netherlands for a year. Before that I lived in Brisbane, Australia for a very long time.

Have a nice day!

Some random "postcards" from the main places I've lived:

Panorama Paris December 2007.jpg Paris

Amsterdam Canals - July 2006.jpg Amsterdam

Warszawa Warszawa Warszawa

Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane Brisbane

Asteroid trawl[]

A little project/fishing expion that I'm slowly making my way through is to peruse scientific results on individual asteroids and put them into the articles. Ever since I gave up doing them sequentially to preserve my sanity it's become hard to keep track of which ones i've trawled through and which ones are outstanding, so here's a list I'm just keeping so I don't get lost. Linked asteroids just mean the articles actually have some meat to them rather than just orbital data plus maybe one or two other numbers from some survey. My nightmare is that the next asteroid I get to will have over 100 hits on ADS. It's happened before.

Vermin moons trawl[]