Travelogue Live '05

Travelogue Live '05
Video by
Released2006 November 21
Recorded2005 June 22
LabelMusic Video Dist. MVD4542DVD

Travelogue Live '05 is a live DVD of a Meat Beat Manifesto performance at Cabaret Metro in Chicago, Illinois, on June 22, 2005. AllMusic called the video "a visually intriguing package" and "a fun jaunt and might spice up a party."[1]


Track listing[]

  1. "Hello Cleveland"
  2. "I Am Electro"
  3. "Spinning Round"
  4. "Radio Babylon"
  5. "Japan"
  6. "God O.D."
  7. "Europe"
  8. "No Purpose No Design"
  9. "Southern States"
  10. "She's Unreal/Helter Skelter"
  11. "The Light Incident"
  12. "Edge Of No Control"
  13. "Prime Audio Soup"


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