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The Archaeological Journal  
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Title page of the first issue, 1845
DisciplineArchaeology, architecture
Edited byLisa-Marie Shillito
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Archaeol. J.
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The Archaeological Journal is a peer-reviewed academic journal for archaeological and architectural reports and articles. It was established in 1844 by the British Archaeological Association as a quarterly journal, but was taken over by the British Archaeological Institute (now known as the Royal Archaeological Institute) in 1845, and remained published by them ever since. The journal has been published annually since 1927.


The Archaeological Journal was established as a quarterly journal of the British Archaeological Association in 1844. When conflicts within that association led to the foundation of the rival British Archaeological Institute (nowadays the Royal Archaeological Institute) in 1845, the institute retained the journal, the association instead publishing the Journal of the British Archaeological Association. Publication was quarterly (sometimes falling to twice or thrice in a year) until 1926. In 1927 the journal became an annual publication. From volume 51 (1894), issues bore the notice "second series".

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The publisher of the journal has been variously listed as:[1]


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