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View from Stalheim
View from Stalheim is an 1842 oil-on-canvas painting by Norwegian artist Johan Christian Dahl, depicting the view from the village of Stalheim, in the county of Vestland in western Norway. A major work of Romantic nationalism, it is regarded as a national icon and one of Dahl's best works. The scene overlooks the Nærøy Valley, with the sugarloaf-shaped peak of Jordalsnuten in the background, framed by other peaks and a rainbow. A small village in the centre is illuminated by the late afternoon sun. One of Dahl's purposes in the painting was that of realism; the other was to capture the glory and magnificence of the mountains, and his country's culture associated with it. He had trouble with the painting, and avoided similarly large works after its completion. The painting is now in the collection of the National Gallery in Oslo.Painting cr: Johan Christian Dahl