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NASA space-flown Gemini and Apollo medallions
NASA space-flown Gemini medallions were mission-specific commemorative medallions which were approved by NASA and carried aboard the mission spacecraft into orbit. Gemini 7 was a mission in the Gemini program. The craft was launched on December 4, 1965, and astronauts Frank Borman and Jim Lovell spent nearly 14 days in space and made the first crewed rendezvous with another spacecraft, Gemini 6A; the two craft came within a foot (30 cm) of each other, and could have docked had they been equipped to do so.

Fliteline medallions were made for each of the crewed Gemini flights, being prepared for the astronauts at their request. It is unclear who prepared these early medallions, only that each individual box containing a medallion bore the word "Fliteline".Photograph cr: Heritage Auctions; commissioned by the NASA astronaut office

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