Taxi Driver (song)

"Taxi Driver"
Single by Gym Class Heroes
from the album The Papercut Chronicles and The Papercut EP
23 October 2004 (UK)
GenreAlternative hip hop
LabelDecaydance, Fueled by Ramen
Songwriter(s)Travis McCoy
Producer(s)Travis McCoy
Gym Class Heroes singles chronology
"Taxi Driver"

"Taxi Driver" is a song by Gym Class Heroes. The song was first released on The Papercut EP, but was also included on the full-length and much more widely released The Papercut Chronicles. In the song's lyrics, frontman Travis McCoy namechecks 26 other bands and artists that Gym Class Heroes enjoy. "Taxi Driver" was the very first video produced for Gym Class Heroes. It was produced, along with many other videos by Bill Pealer, Jason Gillotti, and Ryan Smith long before the band was attached to any record label.

The song was named #20 of the "50 Worst Songs of the '00s" in a 2009 Village Voice article.[1]

Referenced bands (in order of mention)[]

(However, Travie McCoy has claimed he is unsure as to all the bands referenced, suggesting there are allusions to other bands despite their names not being mentioned.)

They also mention their recording label, Fueled by Ramen, in the last line.


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