Snowy Mountains Television

Snowy Mountains Television
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Snowy Mountains Television is an Australian community television station based in Jindabyne, New South Wales.

The station began broadcasting in 1992 as SMTV Channel 5, servicing residents of the Snowy Mountains region[1] under an open narrowcast license.

Since 2019, SMTV broadcasts digitally on Channel 350 while live-streaming from their website.

Programming consists of skiing and snow sport events from around the world, and promotions of local businesses from within the Snowy Mountains region.

Licence Number - 1927407/1

Client - Snowy Mountains Television Pty Ltd

Status - Granted

Category - Apparatus Licence Service Broadcasting

Sub Service - Narrowcasting Service (Fixed Tax) Callsign(s) SMT48

State - NSW

Medium Category -TV

Region Category - Regional

ID - 1600842

Frequency - 669.5 MHz

Emission Designator - 6M70V7W

Site/Area - BAI Comms Tower Jinderboine Hill 5149 Kosciuszko Rd East EAST JINDABYNE NSW 2627 (9741)


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