Sint Vincentius Hospital

Sint Vincentius Hospital
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Sint Vincentius Hospital is located in Paramaribo
Sint Vincentius Hospital
LocationParamaribo, Suriname
Coordinates5°49′54″N 55°09′10″W / 5.831786°N 55.152869°W / 5.831786; -55.152869Coordinates: 5°49′54″N 55°09′10″W / 5.831786°N 55.152869°W / 5.831786; -55.152869
FundingGovernment hospital
ListsHospitals in Suriname

Sint Vincentius Hospital (Dutch: Sint Vincentiusziekenhuis) is a hospital in Paramaribo, Suriname. It is Catholic hospital named after Saint Vincentius.


The hospital has its roots in a congregation of Sisters of Love from Tilburg who were deployed to Suriname in 1894. Out of the infirmary they started, the Sint Vincentius Hospital was founded in 1916, originally with a capacity of 70 beds.[1] With the passing of time the hospital became more professional and shifted its focus from charity to professional medical care. The hospital was expanded in 1964, 1976 and 1978.

In 1970, the foundation running the hospital was transformed from a church body into a board of lay people.

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