Simon (2004 film)

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Directed byEddy Terstall
Produced byImko Nieuwenhuijs
StarringCees Geel
Marcel Hensema
Edited byBen Isaacs
Release date
  • 2004 (2004)

Simon is a 2004 Dutch drama film directed by Eddy Terstall. The story is about two male friends, one heterosexual and one gay. Same sex marriage and euthanasia are prominent themes of the film. The film has won three Golden Calves, for Best Actor (Cees Geel), Best Director (Eddy Terstall) and Best Feature Film, as well as the Audience Award (Eddy Terstall) of the Netherlands Film Festival.[1] It was also the Dutch entry for the Oscars in 2005.[2]


One of the characters is Camiel, a gay dentist who marries his lover and the other is Simon (Cees Geel), a heterosexual drugs dealer and lady magnet. They become close friends in the late 1980s, but Camiel does something that interrupts their friendship.

After fourteen years Camiel and Simon meet again, but Simon is now terminally ill with cancer.

Simon has a daughter, Joy (Nadja Hüpscher) and a son, Nelson (Stijn Koomen). They develop a friendship with Camiel and his husband and after Simon's death Camiel adopts them.



Simon has received had positive reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 60% based on reviews from 5 critics.[2] On Metacritic it has a score of 59 out of 100, based on reviews from 5 critics.[3]

Jay Weissberg of Variety wrote: "Slick packaging and easy ensemble-playing can't mask hoary 'gather round, I'm dying' formula."[4]


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