Shep's Race with Death

Shep's Race with Death
Shep's Race With Death.jpg
Directed byJack Harvey
StarringShep the Dog, Mrs. Whitcove, and J.S. Murray
Release date
November 1, 1914
Running time
12 minutes, 27 seconds
The full film

Shep's Race with Death is a 1914 American short silent drama film, directed by Jack Harvey for the Thanhouser Company. It stars Shep the Dog, Mrs. Whitcove, and J.S. Murray.[1] The film about a "collie dog [who] wins a race with death, saves the life of his mistress, and causes a happy family reunion", was released on November 1, 1914.[1]



Released in November 1914, a month after A Dog's Love, the picture was less well-received than Harvey's debut film. The Bioscope wrote on February 11, 1915: "A somewhat tepid and not very convincing story of a dog which saves a little girl's life and thereby brings her parents together again. Very prettily acted, but the plot is very artificial and conventional."[1] However, The Moving Picture World wrote on November 14, 1914: "The mother-in-law's appearance temporarily wrecks the home of the girl twins, the mother and father separating, each taking a child. The events which bring the family together again are very stirring and full of anxious suspense. The big dog, Shep, pulls the runaway horse off the railroad track, where it had stopped, thus saving the life of one twin. This is well-pictured and very entertaining."[1]


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