Seven (Enuff Z'nuff album)

Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 18, 1997
Genrepower pop, Hard rock
LabelMayhem Records
ProducerChip Z'nuff and Donnie Vie
Enuff Z'nuff chronology
Peach Fuzz
Singles from Seven
  1. "Wheels"
    Released: 1997
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]

Seven is the 7th studio album by American rock band Enuff Z'Nuff, which was originally released in Japan as ‘Brothers’ under the band name "Chip & Donnie" in 1994. Seven was initially intended to form one half of a double-album for the Japanese market, paired with the record that would eventually become the album Tweaked. The sessions were split into two separate discs, with the pop sounding ‘Brothers’ LP getting re-branded as an Enuff Z'nuff album in 1997 for its stateside release. As well as the re-titling and new artwork, Seven contains two bonus tracks not available on the original ‘Brothers’ disc.

On Seven the band adopted a more acoustic sound compared to Tweaked, which may be seen as its heavier counterpart. Several tracks on the album are also significant to the band’s history:

"Down Hill" is thought by lead singer Donnie Vie to possibly contain late guitarist Derek Frigo’s last studio recorded solo with the band. "You And I" was played by Donnie Vie at bassist Chip Z’nuff’s wedding reception. "It’s No Good," an acoustic concert staple, was later re-recorded by and featured on Donnie Vie’s solo album Extra Strength. Other notable tracks are the lead single "Wheels," which was covered in 1998 by Arista recording artists The Tuesdays [2] and the John Lennon cover "Jealous Guy." Liner notes for the album were written by Rolling Stone or, David Wild.

Causing some confusion, Seven was later re-released under its original Japanese title, "Brothers" in the U.S. (featuring with new artwork and the Enuff Z'Nuff name) in 2008. The "Enuff Z'Nuff: Brothers" re-issue is the same as the original "Chip & Donnie" Japanese release in '94, meaning the bonus tracks from "Seven" are no longer present.[3]

Track listing[]

  1. "Wheels"
  2. "Still Have Tonight"
  3. "Down Hill"
  4. "It’s No Good"
  5. "5 Smiles Away"
  6. "L.A. Burning"
  7. "New Kind Of Motion"
  8. "Clown On The Town"
  9. "You And I"
  10. "On My Way Back Home"
  11. "We Don't Have To Be Friends"
  12. "So Sad To See You"
  13. "Jealous Guy (Bonus Track)"
  14. "For You Girl (US Bonus Track)"
  15. "I Won't Let You Go (US Bonus Track)"


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Release history[]

Country Release date
Japan September 30, 1994
United States February 18, 1997


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