Sergey Shnurov

Sergey Shnurov in 2019
Sergey Shnurov in 2019
Background information
Birth nameSergey Vladimirovich Shnurov
Born (1973-04-13) April 13, 1973 (age 48)
OriginLeningrad, Soviet Union
GenresSka, Ska punk, Rock
Occupation(s)singer , composer, poet, actor, artist, showman
Years active1997–present
Associated actsLeningrad, Rubl

Sergey Vladimirovich Shnurov (Russian: Серге́й Влади́мирович Шну́ров; born 13 April 1973[1]) is a Russian musician and songwriter, best known as Shnur (lit. cord), of the ska-punk band Leningrad which he formed in 1997.[2] The group disbanded between 2008 and 2010, during which time Shnur formed Rubl with other members of Leningrad.[3]

Three of Shnur's songs featured on the Everything Is Illuminated soundtrack: Звезда рок-н-ролла (Rock-n-Roll Star), Дикий мужчина (Wild Man), and Маленький мальчик (A Little Boy).[4] Shnurov also composed music for many other movies, including the Russian cult film Boomer and its sequel.[5] He has also had several acting roles, such as in the 2018 film I am Losing Weight and the 2021 film Nobody.

He has a daughter named Serafina, and a son named Appolon Shnurov.

Art critic Artyom Rodnaryov thinks that the main audience of Shnurov are clerks who need someone to channel their aggression. Most of the Shnur's songs excessively use obscene words and have a very simple composition, thus fulfilling this function.[6]

In 2016, Shnurov reported the highest income of all singers in Russia ($11 million).[7]

In 2017, he was on the cover of the Russian ion of Forbes.[8]

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