Serbian Guard

Serbian Guard
Српска гарда
Srpska garda
CountryFlag of Serbia (1992–2004).svg Serbia
TypeParamilitary organization
Sizeup to 30,000
EngagementsCroatian War
CommanderĐorđe "Giška" Božović

The Serbian Guard (Serbian: Српска гарда / Srpska garda) was a Serbian paramilitary active in the Croatian War with close ties to the Serbian Renewal Movement (SPO). Eighty percent of the guard's members were members of the SPO.[1] The paramilitary was formed by SPO official Vuk Drašković and his wife Danica Drašković, along with Đorđe Božović "Giška" and Branislav Matić "Beli".[2]

The paramilitary unit's training camp was located near Bor Lake in SR Serbia, SFR Yugoslavia.[2] It participated in clashes on the territory of SR Croatia near the town of Gospić.[3] Elements of the unit also participated in the War in Bosnia and Herzegovina.[4] Đorđe Božović was the unit's first commander, but was killed in action near Gospić.[5] Some people have alleged that Božović's death was an act of "friendly fire" orchestrated by the Republic of Serbian Krajina's government.[6] The unit's chief financier Branislav Matić was gunned down in August 1991 in Belgrade.[7] After the death of Božović, the unit was taken over by Branislav Lainović "Dugi" (The "Long").

Serbian general Nebojša Pavković has called for Drašković to be tried for his role in the guard's formation.[8] Having a pro-opposition political stance, the guard was never favoured by the government and Yugoslav security services.

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