Schubert Thematic Catalogue

Deutsch Catalogue, first ion 1951
Deutsch-Verzeichnis 1978

Schubert: Thematic Catalogue of all his Works in Chronological Order, also known as the Deutsch catalogue, is a numbered list of all compositions by Franz Schubert compiled by Otto Erich Deutsch. Since its first publication in 1951, Deutsch (abbreviated as D or D.) numbers are used for the unique identification of Schubert's compositions.

1951 ion[]

The Deutsch catalogue was first published in London in 1951, as Schubert: Thematic Catalogue of all his Works in Chronological Order, compiled by O. E. Deutsch, in collaboration with Donald R. Wakeling.

1978 ion: NSE VIII/4[]

In 1978, as part VIII Supplement / Volume 4 of the New Schubert Edition (NSE), an updated version of the catalogue was published in German.[1]

A few compositions that had been undated in the first ion received a new number (usually followed by a letter), e.g. D 993 was renumbered to D 2E.

Later versions[]

The original 1951 ion (in English) was re-issued several times, for instance in the United States by W. W. Norton. The 1978 version, published by Bärenreiter, had a double objective: it was not only a list of Schubert's works as such, it was also the compendium of all scores published by that publisher in the New Schubert Edition.

New versions in English[]

In 1995 Dover Publications republished the 1951 ion, with updates derived from scholarship that had been published since 1951.[2]

New versions in German[]

From 1983 compact versions of the catalogue appeared, ed by Werner Aderhold and others.[3]

Changes to the numbering of Schubert's works were minor in these later ions.[4]


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