Salvador Borrego

Salvador Borrego Escalante
BornSalvador Borrego Escalante
(1915-04-24)24 April 1915
Mexico City, Mexico
Died8 January 2018(2018-01-08) (aged 102)
Mexico City, Mexico

Salvador Borrego Escalante (24 April 1915 – 8 January 2018) was a Mexican journalist and historical revisionist writer.[1][2][3]

He has written several books, including Derrota Mundial ("Worldwide Defeat"), published on 1953, in which he claims that the defeat of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany was a defeat for the entire world because the Nazis were fighting against what they believed to be an international Jewish evil, and their plan to take over the global economy. In América Peligra ("The Americas in Danger"), published in 1964, he focuses the story on what he asserts is an international Jewish conspiracy to provide what he claims to be the true account of the unfolding of historical events in Mexico and Latin America.

In 1996 Catalan police closed a bookstore managed by Spanish neo-Nazi Pedro Varela, and confiscated a host of Nazi books and publications, including those of Salvador Borrego.[4] Varela was arrested, but the bookstore opened again several months later. Borrego turned 100 in April 2015.[5]

On 8 January 2018, Borrego died at the age of 102.[6][7]


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