Salome Clausen

Salome Clausen is a Swiss pop music artist, best known for winning the 2005 second series of the music-based reality television show MusicStars.[1] Whilst part of MusicStars, Clausen topped the singles chart twice, and be part of three album releases (all of which made the Swiss album top 20). After winning the show, Clausen spent three weeks at the top of the Swiss singles chart with "Gumpu",[2] and saw her debut album ...Moji peak at number two. Clausen has since fallen out of the spotlight, however, and as of 2006 appears to be a one-hit wonder. In 2006 she chose to go back to her former life. She works now, like before her short singing career, as a hair stylist.[3][4]

In winning MusicStar, Salome beat out competition from talents such as Daniel Kandlbauer and Claudia D'Addio, who have both also had success in their post-MusicStar careers.





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