Sakar Island

Sakar Island
Dampier Strait NASA.jpg
Dampier Strait seen from space. Also visible are Umboi Island (west), New Britain (east) and Sakar Island (north). (false color)
Highest point
Elevation992 m (3,255 ft)
Prominence992 m (3,255 ft)
Coordinates5°24′50″S 148°05′40″E / 5.41389°S 148.09444°E / -5.41389; 148.09444
Sakar Island is located in Papua New Guinea
Sakar Island
Sakar Island
Location in Papua New Guinea
LocationPapua New Guinea
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Last eruptionUnknown

Sakar Island is a volcanic island north-west of New Britain in the Bismarck Sea, at 5°25′00″S 148°06′00″E / 5.416667°S 148.1°E / -5.416667; 148.1. It is a stratovolcano with a summit crater lake. No recorded eruptions are known.

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