Saji Observatory

Saji Observatory
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Observatory code867
LocationSaji, Tottori, Japan
Coordinates35°20′20″N 134°07′20″E / 35.33889°N 134.12222°E / 35.33889; 134.12222Coordinates: 35°20′20″N 134°07′20″E / 35.33889°N 134.12222°E / 35.33889; 134.12222
Unnamed1.03m reflecting telescope
Saji Observatory is located in Japan
Saji Observatory
Location of Saji Observatory
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The Saji Observatory is located in Saji, Tottori, Japan. Distance from rotation axis and height above equatorial plane (in Earth radii): 0.81671 +0.57522. Longitude (degrees East): 134.1222

Observatory code is 867.

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