Sachal Sarmast

Sachal Sarmast
سچل سرمست
Hazrat Sachal Sarmast.JPG
Abdul Wahab Farooqi

1739 CE
Died1827(1827-00-00) (aged 87–88)
Parent(s)Mian Salahuddin (father)
RelativesMian Khawaja Abdul Haq I (uncle)

Philosophy career
Main interests
lyric poetry
Notable ideas
Sufi poetry, Sufi philosophy, and Sufi music

Sachal Sarmast or Sacho Sarmast (1739–1827) (Sindhi: سچو سرمست‎, Urdu: سچل سرمست‎), born Abdul Wahab Farooqi (Urdu: عبد الوہاب فاروقی‎) was a prominent Sindhi Sufi poet from Sindh in modern-day Pakistan.

Urs of Sachal[]

An annual three-day urs, or festival commemorating the death anniversary of Sachal Sarmast is held at Daraza Sharif, beginning on the 13th day of Ramazan,[1][2][3] including a literary conference and musical concerts based on his poetry. [4]


Sachal Sarmast wrote poetry in seven languages: Sindhi, Siraiki, Persian, Urdu, Balochi, Punjabi and Arabic.[5] He lived during the Kalhoro/Talpur era. He was born in 1152 H. (A.D. 1739) in Daraza, near Ranipur.[6] He was a Sunni Sufi Muslim.

Shrine of Sachal Sarmast


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