SAO North-East Bosnia

Serb Autonomous Region of North-East Bosnia

Српска аутономна област Североисточна Босна (Serbian)
Srpska autonomna oblast Severoistočna Bosna  (Serbian)
Flag of SAO North-East Bosnia
Location of SAO North-East Bosnia
StatusSelf-proclaimed entity
GovernmentProvisional government
Historical eraBreakup of Yugoslavia
• Proclamation
19 September 1991
• Proclamation of the Republic of the Serb people of Bosnia and Herzegovina
9 January 1992
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Republika Srpska (1991–95)

SAO North-East Bosnia (Serbian: САО Североисточна Босна / SAO Severoistočna Bosna was a Serb Autonomous Region (Serbian: САО / SAO), a Serb break-away province, in the Yugoslav republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SR BiH). It was established in September 1991, proclaimed by the Serb Democratic Party on 19 September,[1] along with other SAOs (Eastern Herzegovina, Bosanska Krajina, Romanija), and included five districts in northeastern SR BiH.[2] It existed between September 1991 and 9 January 1992, when it became part of Republic of the Serb people of Bosnia and Herzegovina (later Republika Srpska). It was renamed SAO Semberija (Serbian Cyrillic: САО Семберија) in November 1991, and SAO Semberija and Majevica (САО Семберија и Мајевица[3]) in December 1991.[2] It included three municipalities (Bijeljina, Lopare and Ugljevik[4]), with a population of 150,000, out of whom 56–59% were ethnic Serbs.[5] The capital was Bijeljina.[2]


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