Riho Kotani

Riho Miaki
三秋 里歩
Birth nameRiho Kotani (小谷 里歩)
Also known asRipopo (りぽぽ)
Born (1994-08-24) 24 August 1994 (age 25)
OriginKyoto Prefecture, Japan
Years active2010 (2010) – present
LabelsKYORAKU Yoshimoto Holdings
Associated acts

Riho Kotani (小谷 里歩, Kotani Riho, born 24 August 1994 in Kyoto Prefecture), better known by her stage name Riho Miaki (三秋 里歩, Miaki Riho) is a member of the Japanese idol group Yoshimotozaka46 and a former member of the idol girl group NMB48.[1] She is a former member of NMB48's Team N, and a former member of AKB48.[2]


Kotani passed NMB48's 1st generation auditions in September 2010. Her debut was on October 9, 2010. In March 2011, she was selected to Team N.[3] She held a concurrent position with AKB48's Team A from August 2012 to April 2013, before holding another concurrent position in Team 4 from February 2014.[4]

In the 2014 general elections, Kotani ranked for the first time, placing 61st with 12,913 votes.[5][6]

Kotani's height on her official profile is 149 cm, but she is actually 147 cm.[7] Her future dream is to be someone who appears frequently on variety shows, commercials and information programmes.[8]

On March 26, 2015, it was announced that she would release from her concurrent position in AKB48.[9]

On February 4, 2016, Kotani graduated from NMB48 Team N and change her stage name as Riho Miaki (三秋里歩).[10]

On August 20, 2018, she became the starting member of the Sakamichi Series idol group Yoshimotozaka46.[11]


NMB48 singles[]

Year No. Title Role Notes
2011 1 "Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shōjo" A-side Debut with NMB48 Team N. Sang on "Seishun no Lap Time", "Mikazuki no Senaka" and "Boku ga Maketa Natsu" with Shirogumi
2 "Oh My God!" A-side Sang on "Boku wa Matteru" and "Kesshou" with Shirogumi
2012 3 "Junjō U-19" A-side Sang on "Migi e Magare!"
4 "Nagiichi" A-side Sang on "Saigo no Catharsis" with Shirogumi
5 "Virginity (song)" A-side Sang on "Mōsō Girlfriend" and "Sunahama de Pistol"
6 "Kitagawa Kenji" A-side
2013 7 "Bokura no Eureka" A-side Sang on "Todokekana Soude Todoku Mono"
8 "Kamonegix" A-side
2014 9 "Takane no Ringo" A-side
10 "Rashikunai" A-side Sang on "Kyusen Kyotei" as Team N.
2015 11 "Don't look back!" A-side Sang on "Renai Petenshi" as Team N. Sang on "Sotsugyō Ryokō" as NMB48's 1st generation.
12 "Durian Shōnen" A-side Sang on "Inochi no Heso" as Team N.
13 "Must be now" B-side Did not sing on title track; Sang on "Yume ni Iro ga nai riyū" as Team N, "Kataomoi Yori mo Omoide wo..." and "Orera to wa". Last single to participate as part of NMB48 member.

AKB48 singles[]

Year No. Title Role Notes
2012 27 "Gingham Check" B-side Sang on "Ano Hi no Fuurin"
28 "Uza" B-side Sang on "Kodoku na Hoshizora".
29 "Eien Pressure" B-side Sang on "HA!"
2013 30 "So Long!" B-side Sang on "Ruby".
31 "Sayonara Crawl" B-side Sang on "Ikiru Koto"
34 "Suzukake no Ki no Michi de "Kimi no Hohoemi o Yume ni Miru" to Itte Shimattara Bokutachi no Kankei wa Dō Kawatte Shimau no ka, Bokunari ni Nan-nichi ka Kangaeta Ue de no Yaya Kihazukashii Ketsuron no Yō na Mono" B-side Sang on "Kimi to Deatte Boku wa Kawatta"
2014 35 "Mae Shika Mukanee" B-side Sang on "KONJO"
36 "Labrador Retriever" B-side Sang on "Heart no Dasshutsu Game"
37 "Kokoro no Placard" B-side Ranked 61st in 2014 General Election. Sang on "Seikaku ga Warui Onna no Ko"
38 "Kibouteki Refrain" B-side Sang on "Utaitai" and "Me ga Aketa Mama no First Kiss"
2015 39 "Green Flash" B-side Sang on "Punkish"




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