Remington RM380

Remington RM380
TypeSemi-Automatic Pistol
Place of originUnited States
Production history
DesignerKarl Rorhbaugh
Mass12.2 oz (350 g) [1]
Length5.27 in (13.4 cm)
Barrel length2.9 in (7.4 cm)
Width.95 in (2.4 cm)
Height3.86 in (9.8 cm)

Cartridge.380 ACP
Rate of fireSemi-automatic
Feed system6-round box magazine
SightsFixed iron sights

The Remington RM380 is a semi-automatic, .380 ACP caliber pistol produced by Remington Arms. The RM380 is a redesign of the Rohrbaugh 380 pistol, itself a version of the 9x19mm Rohrbaugh R9. The two models differ most notably in the location of the magazine release and the incorporation of a slide stop on the Remington. While the Rohrbaugh used a heel-magazine release at the base of the grip, the RM380 release is located at the rear of the trigger guard.[2] The Remington also has a restyled grip frame that incorporates a larger beavertail.


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