Remington Model 660

Remington Model 660
TypeBolt-action rifle
Place of originUnited States
Production history
DesignerRemington R&D[1]
ManufacturerRemington Arms
Produced1968–1971 [1]
No. built45,332 (660)
5,204 (660 Magnum) [2]
VariantsModel 660 Magnum
Mass6.5 lb (2.9 kg) [3]
Length38.75 in (98.4 cm) [3]
Barrel length20 in (51 cm) [3]

Cartridge.222 Remington
.223 Remington
.243 Winchester
6mm Remington
6.5mm Rem Mag
.308 Winchester
.350 Rem Mag[1]
ActionBolt action
Feed system4-shot magazine [3]

The Remington Model 660 is a bolt-action rifle manufactured by Remington Arms from 1968 to 1971. The rifle was intended as a replacement for the Model 600.


The Model 660 emerged from the success of the Model 600, which was originally produced from 1964 to 1967.[4] In 1968, the Model 660 was introduced as a redesign of the Model 600. Main changes included elimination of the ventilated rib and a 2-inch (5.1 cm) increase in the length of the barrel.[2] After 3 years, the M660 was discontinued and the Model 600 Mohawk was introduced.


Model 660 Magnum
Same specs as the standard model except featuring a laminated walnut stock for added strength. It also featured quick detachable sling swivels and a recoil pad.[3]


The Model 660, along with many Model 600s was affected by a recall in 1979 to remedy a problem with the bolt lock safety that under certain circumstances allowed accidental discharge.


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