Remington .22 Junior Special

Remington .22 Junior Special
TypeBolt-action Rifle
Place of origin USA
Service history
In service1947–1969[1]
Used byWorldwide
WarsCivilian only
Production history
DesignerRemington Arms
No. builtApproximately 66,338 [2]
Specifications (.22 Special Junior)
Mass5½ lbs
Length35¼ inch
Barrel length16½ inch

Actionmanually operated bolt action
Muzzle velocityUnknown
Effective firing rangemax effective range is 270m
Feed system5 round detachable box

Remington .22 Junior Special Long and Short is a Bolt-action rifle launched in the 1930s by Remington Arms.

It is fitted with a peep sight set which is much more accurate than regular iron sights. The rifle is lightweight and sturdy. It comes with a 5-round detachable loading magazine that inserts from underneath the firing chamber. The only problem with this rifle is that the magazine was built cheaply and sometimes splits in half, however this does not affect the rifle in any way except in the speed in which you reload.

The rifle uses three types of ammunition: .22 long, .22 short, and .22 long rifle.


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