Regiunea Suceava

The Suceava Region was an administrative-territorial division located in the northeastern part of the Romanian People's Republic, established in 1950, when the counties were abolished (by Law no.5 / September 6, 1950 ). It existed until 1968, when the regions were abolished.


The residence of the region was in Câmpulung Moldovenesc and then, in 1952, in Suceava , and its territory at the beginning contained a surface similar to that of the present county of Suceava . Between 1956 and 1968 it included a large part of the present Botoşani county, after the Botoşani region was abolished and its districts first under the jurisdiction of the Iasi region (1952), then under the jurisdiction of the Suceava region (1956). The Suceava region was reorganized in 1960 by the dissolution of the Darabani, Siret and Trusesti districts.