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The star Yoonir, symbol of the Universe.

The Serer religion, or a ƭat Roog ("the way of the Divine"), is the original religious beliefs, practices, and teachings of the Serer people of Senegal in West Africa. The Serer religion believes in a universal supreme deity called Roog (or Rog). In the Cangin languages, Roog is referred to as Koox (or Kooh), Kopé Tiatie Cac, Kokh Kox, etc.

The Serer people are found throughout the Senegambia region. In the 20th century, around 85% of the Serer converted to Islam (Sufism), but some are Christians or follow their traditional religion. Traditional Serer religious practices encompass ancient chants and poems, veneration of and offerings to deities as well as spirits (pangool), astronomy, initiation rites, medicine, cosmology and Serer history.

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Kopé Tiatie Cac (also called Koh or Koope in Ndut, meaning god grandfather or god the grandfather) is the Ndut creator god. Kopé Tiatie Cac is the name used by the Ndut people to refer to the Supreme being.

Among the Ndut and followers of Serer religion, Kopé Tiatie Cac is associated with death and plague (pisti).

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Festivals & Events

There are several Serer religious festivals some of which are listed below :

' Daqaar mboob - Diouck - Gamo - Jobai - Khanghere - Mindisse - Mbosseh - Mboudaye - Randou Rande - Raan (held at Tukar, see also Saltigue) - Sam Southieh - The consultation at Ngalagne - The massacre of Cadde - The royal struggle - The session struggle at Ndiaye-Ndiaye - The session struggle Jiloor (Jijaak) - Tobaski - Tourou Peithie - Xoy (main Xoy held at Fatick)

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I have been born in knowledge.
Geidj Faye (a Saltigue)

(Oberdiek, Ulrich, "Anthropological Abstracts", Volume 2, p 126, LIT Verlag Münster (2004), ISBN 3825880109)

Issa Laye Thiaw

(Obituary of Professor Issa Laye Thiaw [in] the Seereer Resource Cemtre and Seereer Radio. Published: 11th September 2017) [1]



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Maad Semou Njekeh Joof was a member of the Joof paternal dynasty of Sine now part of independent Senegal. He was the founder of the Royal House of Semou Njekeh Joof, founded in the early eighteenth century. His royal house was the third and last royal house founded by the Joof family of Sine and Saloum. Since its foundation, at least seven kings of Sine from his royal house had succeeded to the throne including his son Maad a Sinig Boukar Tjilas Sanghaie Joof.

In the Serer religion, Semou Njekeh Joof is immortalized in the cult of Tagdiam. The principle shrine of Tagdiam is named after him. It was in Tagdiam where he lived.

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  • ...that the Serer creator god (Roog) created the universe and everything in it using his feminine principles according to the Serer creation narrative, and the first human couple were called YAAB and YOP (female and male respectively)?
  • ...that Tiurakh is the god of wealth and success and is normally worshiped and invoked for materialistic reasons?
  • ...that the Battle of Fandane-Thiouthioune is the proper name for "The Battle of Somb", and although the battle was mainly religious, it also had a political and economic dimension?


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