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  • In Newport, Wales McCauley Cox drove his car into a crowd outside a nightclub and intentionally hit and injured 4 people before he fled the scene. He claimed he was trying to stop a fight but was found guilty and sentenced for causing grievous bodily harm with intent, causing serious injury through dangerous driving and causing actual bodily harm. Teens Benjamin Thomas and Callum Banton pleaded guilty to affray for their part in starting the brawl which preceded the attack. (South Wales Argus)
  • A bomb explodes outside the Arun III Hydroelectric Power Plant in Tumlingtar, Nepal. No group claimed cr for the attack. The plant was codeveloped with India and is due to be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi within weeks. (The New Indian Express)
  • The Central Criminal Court in Baghdad, Iraq, sentences nineteen Russian women, six Azerbaijani women, and four Tajikistani women to life in prison for membership to ISIL. (The Sunday Times)
  • The Israel Defense Forces detain one of two Lebanese shepherds who they say crossed the United Nations-patrolled border between the two nations. Lebanon calls the detention an "abduction". The IDF says the female shepherd, detained in the disputed Shebaa region, was quickly repatriated. (The Jerusalem Post)
  • A police operation in nine commercial premises of the district of La Victoria, in Lima, Peru, managed to seize two tons of pharmaceutical and natural products with a expired shelf life, without sanitary registration, and allegedly falsified. The police officers in charge of this raid on informed that now they will continue to find the whereabouts of all the people involved in the commercialization of this merchandise. (Perú 21)

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  • Brazil surfer Rodrigo Koxa breaks the record for the largest wave ever surfed. The wave occurred off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal and measured 24.4 meters (80 feet). (BBC)
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