Plaza Francia (Caracas)

France Square
For similarly named public space in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, see Plaza Francia (Buenos Aires)

Plaza Francia (France Square in Spanish), also known as "Plaza Altamira", is a public space located in Altamira, east Caracas. It was built at the beginning of the 1940s and opened in August 11, 1945 with the original name of "Plaza Altamira". Is name was later changed due to an agreement between the cities of Caracas and Paris to have a Venezuela Square in Paris and a France Square in Caracas. This square was designed by town planner Luis Roche within the project of "Altamira neighborhood", a wealthy district of Chacao municipality in Miranda States.

In France Square stands an obelisk — one of the landmarks of Caracas — the water mirror and a fountain that falls till the bottom of the square, which has turned into a small shopping center and the main entrance of Altamira subway station.

In 2002 this square became the place where many people congregated in protest against the president at the time, Hugo Chavez, in a very big national strike known as the "Paro Petrolero".


Coordinates: 10°29′47″N 66°50′56″W / 10.4964°N 66.8490°W / 10.4964; -66.8490