Oskar Merikanto

Oskar Merikanto
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Born(1868-08-05)5 August 1868
Helsinki, Finland
Died17 February 1924(1924-02-17) (aged 55)

Frans Oskar Merikanto (About this soundpronunciation ) (5 August 1868, Helsinki  – 17 February 1924) was a Finnish musician and composer.

He was the son of Frans Ferdinand Kanto from Jalasjärvi, Southern Ostrobothnia. Frans got a Swedish-language surname, Mattsson, when he joined the Finnish army. He changed the name in 1882. Meri means "sea" and refers to his voyage from Vaasa to Helsinki; Kanto refers to his origins from the estate Kanto.[1]

He studied for some time at the Leipzig Conservatory in Germany, where his teachers were Carl Reinecke, Theodor Coccius, Robert Papperitz, Willy Rechenberg and Gustav Schreck.[2]

He was notable for his variety of talents – he gave concerts all around Finland, performing on the piano and organ, conducting orchestras, and composing original music. Some of his most beloved compositions are Där björkarna susa, and the waltz Kesäilta (Summernight's Waltz).

Merikanto's style is reminiscent of Finnish folk songs, but has its basis in Italian bel canto.[3]

He died in Hausjärvi-Oitti.[4]

His son Aarre Merikanto is one of the most notable Finnish composers.




Solo Voice

Sheet music[]

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