The Ormur (Pashto: اورمړ‎), also called Burki or Baraki (Pashto: برکي‎), is a Pashtun tribe mainly living in Pakistan and parts of Afghanistan.[1]

Ormur is part of the Pashtun tribal system and identify with the Karlan confederacy of the region. The 16th-century Pashtun warrior-poet Pir Roshan belonged to the Ormur tribe.

Language and demographics[]

Ormuri[2] is the first language of the Ormurs living in Kaniguram and its vicinity in South Waziristan; today, all are bilingual in the local Pashto dialect of Waziristani (Maseedwola). Most can also converse in Urdu and some in English.

They are also found in Baraki Barak in Logar and in the outskirts of Ghazni in Afghanistan. However, Pashto and Dari have replaced Ormuri language there.[citation needed]

Notable personalities[]


Bayazid Pir Roshan, Pashtun Warrior/Intellectual, founder Roshaniyya (Enlightenment) movement. Descendants comprise the "Baba Khel" branch of the Burki Qaum (tribe).


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