Odd Man (comics)

Odd Man
Publication information
First appearanceDetective Comics #487 (1979)
Created bySteve Ditko
In-story information
Alter egoClayton "Clay" Stoner
AbilitiesLow-tech gadgets

The Odd Man is a fictional comic book hero created by Steve Ditko. The character was intended to first appear in Shade, the Changing Man #9 but instead first appeared in Detective Comics #487 in December 1979.

Fictional character biography[]

Clayton "Clay" Stoner is a private detective (height: 5'11", weight: 160 lbs[1]) living in River City. He has blue eyes and blond hair which changes to black hair when he acts as a vigilante wearing mismatched clothing under the name Odd Man. He uses his wits and an elaborate series of gadgets to disorient and confuse his opponents. These include a weighted extended tie, a spray he developed which melts certain plastics, gloves that emit powder or smoke when he claps his hands together, and a slippery oil spray. He also has the ability to make his enemies black out, presumably through the use of one of his sprays or concoctions.[2]


"He came from nowhere, garbed in a confused costume that would make a carnival clown blush with embarassment [sic]. His weapons were absurd -- impossible! But somehow he became the terror of criminals, and everyone began to wonder ... who is the Odd Man?" (from "The Odd Man" by Steve Ditko. Published in Detective Comics #487.)

Publication history[]

The Odd Man was introduced in an eponymous story that had him pitted against the supposed reincarnation of the first Nile Queen and her Pharaoh consort.


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