Nijmegen Dukenburg railway station

Nijmegen Dukenburg
Nijmegen Dukenburg station en viaduct Brabantse poort.JPG
General information
Coordinates51°49′26″N 5°47′41″E / 51.82389°N 5.79472°E / 51.82389; 5.79472Coordinates: 51°49′26″N 5°47′41″E / 51.82389°N 5.79472°E / 51.82389; 5.79472
Line(s)Tilburg–Nijmegen railway
Preceding station Nederlandse Spoorwegen Following station
Wijchen NS Sprinter 4400
2x/hour, but only 1x/hour on Sundays until 5:00pm; Not on evenings. Continues/arrives as Sprinter 9600 to/from Deurne
Nijmegen Goffert
NS Sprinter 4400
2x/hour, but only 1x/hour after 10:00pm; Evenings only; Continues/arrives as Sprinter 9600 to/from Deurne
Nijmegen Goffert
towards Nijmegen
NS Sprinter 7600
2x/hour; Not on evenings and Sundays
Nijmegen Goffert
towards Zutphen
Nijmegen Dukenburg is located in Netherlands
Nijmegen Dukenburg
Nijmegen Dukenburg
Location within Netherlands

Nijmegen Dukenburg is a railway station located in the south west of Nijmegen, Netherlands. The station was opened on 2 June 1973 and is located on the Tilburg–Nijmegen railway. The train services are operated by Nederlandse Spoorwegen. The main station of Nijmegen is Nijmegen railway station.

Train services[]

View over the platforms

The following services currently call at Nijmegen Dukenburg:

Bus services[]

There is a bus station near the station, also called Nijmegen Dukenburg. The name of this station used to be Brabantse Poort but was changed at the end of 2013 after an online poll.[1]

These services are both town and regional services. More regional services operate from the Centraal Station.


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