New South Wales Xplorer

CountryLink Xplorer crossing the Queanbeyan River Railway Bridge (cropped).jpg
An Xplorer crossing the Queanbeyan River near Queanbeyan in January 2012
Countrylink Xplorer Economy Carriage.JPG
Interior of a refurbished economy class carriage
In serviceOctober 1993
ManufacturerABB Transportation
Built atDandenong
Entered service1993–1995
Number built23 cars
Formation2–4 cars
Fleet numbersEA 2501-2508, EB 2511-2517, EC 2521-2528
Capacity42 First (EA) 66 Economy (EB) 50 Economy (EC)
Operator(s)NSW TrainLink
Depot(s)Xplorer-Endeavour Service Centre
Line(s) servedMain Northern
Main Western
Main Southern
Car length25.250 m (82 ft 10 in)
Width2.921 m (9 ft 7 in)
Height4.11 m (13 ft 6 in)
Maximum speed145 km/h (90 mph)
Weight57 tonnes (56 long tons; 63 short tons)
Prime mover(s)Cummins KTA-19R (one per car)
Power output383 kW (514 hp) per car
TransmissionVoith Turbo T311r KB260
AuxiliariesCummins LT10R(G) 181 hp (135 kW)
BogiesPJA (Power) NJA (Trailer)
Coupling systemScharfenberg
Track gauge1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

The Xplorer is a diesel multiple unit train operated by NSW TrainLink on regional rail services in New South Wales from Sydney to Armidale, Moree, Broken Hill, Griffith and Canberra. The first Xplorers entered service in October 1993, and are mechanically identical to but feature a higher level of passenger amenity than the Endeavour railcars. All 23 carriages were built by ABB Transportation in Dandenong, Victoria.


Following the election of the Greiner Government in March 1988, consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton was commissioned to prepare a report into NSW rail services. On purely economic grounds, the report recommended closing all country passenger services as they were judged unviable, however this was not politically acceptable.[1] If services were to be maintained, the report recommended an 'all XPT' option supported by an expanded coach network.

This option was taken up by the government and a new timetable introduced in February 1990. One of the casualties was the Northern Tablelands Express from Sydney to Armidale which was operated on alternate days by a locomotive hauled HUB/RUB set and XPT. This was truncated back to Tamworth allowing it to be operated by one XPT as a day return service. A road coach from Sydney to Armidale was introduced. Another service to be replaced by coach was the Werris Creek to Moree connecting service that was operated by a DEB set.[2]

After suffering a number of losses in northern NSW electorates where services were cut during the March 1990 Federal Election, the National Party decided a policy reversal was needed. In June 1990 the government announced that it would purchase 17 Xplorer carriages to reintroduce services to Armidale and Moree and replace locomotive hauled stock and coaches on services to Canberra. This would release an XPT to operate a daily service to Grafton.[3][4] The Xplorers entered service on the North Western service in October 1993[5] and on the Canberra service in December 1993.[6] In November 1994 the government ordered a further four Xplorer carriages.[7]

From May 2000 Xplorers took over the weekly services to Griffith and Broken Hill.[8][9]

All are scheduled to be replaced by the NSW TrainLink Regional Train Project.[10][11][12] A contract with CAF was signed in February 2019, with the Xplorers to be replaced from 2023.[13]


Xplorer at Sydney Central in original CountryLink livery in October 2006.

The Xplorers currently operate on these services out of Sydney:


Coding for the carriages are as follows:

Carriage numbering is as follows:

EA 2508 and EC 2528 used to be Endeavour railcars LE 2815 and TE 2865. They became available following the electrification of the Illawarra line from Dapto to Kiama, and were converted to Xplorers by Bombardier Transportation, Dandenong. The conversion of these two vehicles enabled the reintroduction of a rail service to Broken Hill as the Outback Xplorer (originally known as the Silver City Xplorer.

Each car is powered by a Cummins KTA-19R diesel engine rated at 383 kW at 1800rpm coupled to a Voith T311r hydraulic transmission driving both axles on one bogie via Voith Turbo V15/19 final drives. The transmission incorporates a Voith KB260/r hydrodynamic brake. This traction package gives the Xplorer a maximum speed of 160 km/h (100 mph) but in service this is limited to 145 km/h (90 mph). An auxiliary 135 kW Cummins LT10R(G) diesel engine drives a Newage Stamford UCI274F alternator to supply power for the air conditioning and lighting.[17]


In October 2006 RailCorp issued a tender for the refurbishment of the Xplorer and Endeavour railcars. The contract specified new seating, buffet upgrades, new carpets, toilet upgrades, DVA upgrades, extended booked luggage section, and more wheelchair spaces for the trains. Bombardier Transportation, Downer Rail and United Group Rail responded, with Bombardier being the successful bidder. All units were repainted into new CountryLink colours. The refurbishment started in mid-2007 and concluded at the end of 2008. After the creation of NSW TrainLink, the CountryLink branding was removed from the trains.



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