Nachi-Katsuura Observatory

Nachi-Katsuura Observatory
Observatory code905
LocationNachikatsuura, Wakayama
Coordinates33°36′36″N 135°55′29″E / 33.61000°N 135.92472°E / 33.61000; 135.92472Coordinates: 33°36′36″N 135°55′29″E / 33.61000°N 135.92472°E / 33.61000; 135.92472
Nachi-Katsuura Observatory is located in Japan
Nachi-Katsuura Observatory
Location of Nachi-Katsuura Observatory
Nachi-Katsuura is located in Japan
Nachi-Katsuura's location

Nachi-Katsuura Observatory is an astronomical observatory in Nachikatsuura, Wakayama, Japan. Facing the Pacific Ocean, it lies within the Yoshino-Kumano National Park.[1] It is 0.83368 Earth radi from the rotational axis of the Earth, and +0.55040 Earth radii above the equatorial plane.[2] The IAU observatory code for Nachi-Katsuura is 905.[3]

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