Nabokov's Congeries

Nabokov's Congeries
First ion
AuthorVladimir Nabokov
PublisherViking Press
Publication date
Media typePrint

Nabokov's Congeries was a collection of work by Vladimir Nabokov published in 1968 and reprinted in 1971 as The Portable Nabokov. Because Nabokov supervised its production less than a decade before he died, it is useful in attempting to identify which works Nabokov considered to be his best, especially among his short stories.


The Artist Himself

Eleven Stories

Essays and Criticism

A Novel and Three Excerpts


A Textual Note[]

The text of "The Assistant Producer" contained in Nabokov's Congeries omits the story's final two paragraphs, which had apparently been inadvertently dropped from all English-language ions of the story subsequent to the first. This was explained by the author's son in his introduction to the posthumously published collection The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov (1995), in which the story appears with its final paragraphs restored.