Nabokov's Butterflies

First ion (publ. Allen Lane, UK)

Nabokov’s Butterflies is a book ed and annotated by Brian Boyd and Robert Michael Pyle that examines and presents Vladimir Nabokov’s passion for butterflies in his literary presentation.

The book contains a chapter by Boyd discussing the literary treatment of butterflies in VN’s work labeled Nabokov, Literature, Lepidoptera, a chapter by Pyle to assess VN’s standing as a lepidopterist (Between Cloud and Climb) and writings of VN concerning butterflies. The latter section includes previously unpublished writings by VN, namely Father’s Butterflies: Second Addendum to "The Gift" (translated by Dmitri Nabokov) and The Butterflies of Europe, notes concerning an unfinished book about the lepidoptera of Europe. The book also contains an addendum compiled by Pyle that lists butterflies described by VN and butterflies named after him.


The above book is not to be confused with Nabokov’s Butterfly, a book (ISBN 0-7867-1452-2) by Rick Gekosi, a bibliophile, who recounts his experiences in the collection and sale of rare books.