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Shinichi Osawa
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Background information
Born (1967-02-07) February 7, 1967 (age 55)
OriginTokyo, Japan
  • Musician
  • DJ
  • record producer
  • composer
Years active1989–present

Shinichi Osawa (Japanese: 大沢 伸一, Hepburn: Ōsawa Shin'ichi, born 7 February 1967), also known by his stage name Mondo Grosso, is a Japanese musician, DJ, record producer and composer currently signed onto Avex Trax's Rhythm Zone label.[1] Previously he was signed to Sony Music Japan's FEARLESS RECORDS division and released albums under the title of Mondo Grosso (Italian for "big world"), showing influences of Brazilian music and language in songs such as "Maigo no Astronauta" or "Carnival of Colors." Over the course of his career he has worked in genres from acid jazz to house, with strong influences of underground club music, though his recent work has been in the genre of electro house. HMV Japan rated Mondo Grosso at #95 on their "Top 100 Japanese Pop Artists" and Shinichi Osawa is ranked as Japan's #1 electro house DJ and Japan's #3 overall DJ by[2][full citation needed]


Shinichi Osawa was originally the producer and bassist for the popular Japanese musical group Mondo Grosso, which formed in Kyoto in 1991 on the For Life Records label. However, in 1995, after the group disbanded, Osawa concentrated more on his own material, collaborating with many artists such as Monday Michiru, Amel Larrieux, UA, Chara, Dragon Ash and even Ayumi Hamasaki. During his collaborative work in 1997, he became a solo producer, releasing the R&B-infused acid jazz and house album Closer.

He made a move from For Life Records to Sony Music Associated Records in 1999, where he began his own label. Throughout the years, Osawa acted as a producer for artists such as Bird and Eri Nobuchika. His 2000 album MG4 displayed the diversity of his production, fusing jazz and house. It featured the hit song 'Life,' featuring Bird. In 2003 he released Next Wave, a more traditional house album.

Osawa provided the hypnotic array of techno music on the popular PlayStation Portable game Lumines in 2004. He did not reappear as a composer for its sequel.

In 2007, Osawa signed to record label Avex Trax. Feeling that, in comparison to his previous albums, the sound reflected more closely his DJ sets and performances (performed under his real name), Osawa released his electro house album The One under the moniker of 'Shinichi Osawa' rather than 'Mondo Grosso.' "Our Song" was the initial single released in Japan, followed by the Chemical Brothers cover Star Guitar. Under his real name, Osawa has received more international attention, creating acclaimed remixes of Felix da Housecat's "Radio" and Digitalism's "Pogo." He also performed at Electric Daisy Carnival, which was his first performance in America. He is also featured in Clazziquai's Robotica album in a remix for Prayers by Christina Chu.

In 2008, he remixed #1-hit song Startin' by Japanese pop sensation Ayumi Hamasaki. The mix appeared on the album Ayu-mi-x 6 -GOLD-.

In October 2008, following a release of "Star Guitar" as a single by Data Records, Southern Fried Records made a digital release of "The One" in the UK. A physical release is scheduled for January 2009.

In November 2008, "Our Song" appeared on the 16th version of Konami's DJ simulation series Beatmania IIDX, alongside several other songs by Avex's House Nation group.

Osawa is currently involved in Ravex, a collaboration with fellow Avex DJs Tomoyuki Tanaka and Taku Takahashi established to mark 20 years of Avex. Their debut album Trax was released on April 8, 2009, and follows the release of the singles "I Rave U" and "Believe in LOVE" featuring BoA.

Osawa released SO2, the second album under his given name, on June 16, 2010 digitally and June 30 on CD/DVD.

In 2009, Osawa collaborated with Takeshi Kobayashi to form the duo Bradberry Orchestra. With the lead single "LOVE CHECK," Bradberry Orchestra released their first album "Vol.0" on March 16, 2011 in Japan through Avex. Songs from the album have been used to promote Sony's Xperia phone as well as SEGA's Yakuza Of the End.

Currently, Osawa hosts a bi-monthly online radio show called Date Line with fellow DJ Masatoshi Uemura on

In 2017, he released the Mondo Grosso song "Labyrinth". The music video, starring actress Hikari Mitsushima, has over 27 million views on YouTube as of January 2021.[3]

Along with Australian artist RHYME, Osawa is half of the duo RHYME SO. They released their single "Fashion Blogger" in March 2020.[4] In 2021, Osawa and RHYME opened The Nuts Exchange, a vegan cafe in Shibuya that serves Australian-Japanese fusion food.[5][6]


Studio albums[]

2007 The One
2010 SO2

Extended plays[]

1994 Invisible Man
1995 Pieces from the Editing Floor

With "Mondo Grosso"[]

1993 Mondo Grosso
1995 Born Free
1997 Closer
2000 MG4
2003 Next Wave
2017 Nandodemo Atarashiku Umareru (何度でも新しく生まれる; Reborn Again and Always Starting New)
2018 Attune/Detune
2022 Big World

Live albums[]

1995 The European Expion
2004 Live on the Next Wave (1 and 2)

Remix albums[]

1996 Diggin' Into The Real
1998 The Man From The Sakura Hills
2000 Mondo Grosso Best Remixes
2001 MG4R
2003 Henshin
2008 The One+
2009 TEPPAN-YAKI – A Collection of Remixes


1995 "Oh Lord, Let Me Do No Wrong"
1995 "Family"
1997 "Laughter in the Rain"
1997 "Everyday Life/Thing Keep Changin'"
2000 "Life" (feat. Bird)
2000 "Butterfly"
2000 "Now You Know Better"
2001 "Don't Let Go"
2002 "Blz"
2002 "Everything Needs Love" (feat. BoA)
2003 "Shinin'"
2003 "Hikari" (, Light)
2007 "Our Song"
2008 "Star Guitar" (cover version of The Chemical Brothers' song)
2008 "Push"
2008 "Main Street Electrical Parade"
2009 "EEAA"
2009 "Love Will Guide You"
2014 "Main Street Electrical Parade" (extended mix)
2017 "ラビリンス" (feat. Hikari Mitsushima)
2018 "False Sympathy" (偽りのシンパシー?) (feat. Aina the End)

Collaboration albums[]

2011 Singapore Swing (with Paul Chambers)

Compilation albums[]

2000 Sakurahills Disco 3000
2004 Make the Style 'drivin' slow'
2009 Teppan Yaki


2003 Fearless"THE HOUSE"
2004 Mix the Vibe~STREET KING~
2005 Fearless 4/4 Rockers
2006 Kitsune Udon

Remix singles[]

2000 Jackson 5 – "Never Can Say Goodbye"
2005 Archie Shepp – "Blues For Brother George Jackson"
2006 Christopher & Raphael Just – "Popper"
2006 Plaid – "White's Dream"
2006 Anna Tsuchiya – "Ah Ah"
2007 Boys Noize – "Feel Good (TV = OFF)"
2007 Mighty Dub Kats – "Magic Carpet Ride 07'"
2007 鉄コン筋クリート – "White's Dream"
2007 Digitalism – "Pogo"
2007 Clazziquai Project – "Prayers"
2007 Bunny Lake – "Strobe Love"
2007 Kap10Kurt – "Dangerseekers"
2007 Thomas Anderson – "Washing Up"
2008 Ayumi Hamasaki – "Startin"
2008 Felix Da Housecat – "Radio"
2008 Rubies – "Stand In A Line"
2008 TVMR – "Bowie In The Bronx"
2008 De De Mouse – "Light Night Dance"
2008 The Subs – "Papillon"
2008 MINMI – "Perfect Vision"
2008 Popular Computer – "Lost & Found"
2008 The Whip – "Blackout"
2008 Cazals – "Poor Innocent Boys"
2008 Alex Gopher – "Aurora"
2009 Bag Raiders – "Turbo Love"
2009 Van She – "Kelly"
2009 Girl Next Door – "情熱の代償"
2009 DJ Ozma – "Masurao"
2009 Lost Valentinos – "Thief"
2009 The Young Punx – "Rock Star"
2009 Hac Mac – "B B Girls B B Boys"
2009 Benny Benassi vs. Iggy Pop – "Electro Sixteen"
2010 globe – "DEPARTURES"
2011 Vandroid – "We Exist"
2011 Ayumi Hamasaki – "Appears"
2012 moumoon – "Sunshine Girl"
2012 moumoon – "Chu Chu"
2012 Ayumi Hamasaki – "You & Me"
2013 The M Machine – "Tiny Anthem"
2013 Duck Sauce – "It's You"
2015 Sandaime J Soul Brothers – "Summer Madness"
2015 Faint Star – "Sly"
2015 Shihoko Hirata – "Pursuing My True Self" Persona 4: Dancing All Night OST

Production discography[]

1997 Junior Sweet (for Chara)
1999 Bird (for Bird)
2000 Mindtravel (for Bird)
2005 nobuchikaeri (for Eri Nobuchika)
2012 LADY MIND (for Nami Tamaki)
2012 PARADISE (for Nami Tamaki)
2013 Heaven (for After School)
2014 Shh (for After School)


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