Ministry of Finance (Poland)

Ministry of Finance
Ministerstwo Finansów
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Poland's Ministry of Finance (Polish: Ministerstwo Finansów), headed by the Minister of Finance (Minister Finansów), is part of the government of Poland. Among its powers and responsibilities it drafts the national budget, deals with taxes, financing of the local self-governments and issues related to public debt.

In the area of taxation, the ministry oversees a system of local and regional tax offices. An ordinary tax office is called urząd skarbowy (abbr. US; literally "treasury office"), while a higher-level office is called izba skarbowa ("treasury chamber"). There are approximately 400 of the former throughout the country, and 16 of the latter, one in each voivodeship (province). In each voivodeship there is also one "tax inspection office" (urząd kontroli skarbowej).

The Ministry of Finance exists alongside the Ministry of the Treasury, which is responsible mainly for the management of nationally owned assets, and the Ministry of the Economy.

List of ministers[]

Below is a list of Finance Ministers of Poland.

Second Republic[]

People's Republic of Poland (1944–1989)[]

Third Republic (since 1989)[]

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