Microsoft Power Fx

Microsoft Power Fx
ParadigmLow-code, general-purpose, imperative, strongly typed, declarative, functional
Designed byVijay Mital, Robin Abraham, Shon Katzenberger, Darryl Rubin
First appeared2021 (2021)
Typing disciplinestrong
LicenseMIT License
Influenced by
Excel functions, Excel macros, Pascal, Mathematica, Miranda

Microsoft Power Fx is a free and open source low-code, general-purpose programming language for expressing logic across the Microsoft Power Platform.[1][2]

The programming language was first announced at Ignite 2021 and the specification was released in March 2021.[3][4] It is based on spreadsheet-like formulas to make it accessible to a large number of people.[5] Power Fx was also influenced by programming languages and tools like Pascal, Mathematica, and Miranda.[6]

As Microsoft describes the language, it heavily borrows from the spreadsheet paradigm. In a spreadsheet, cells can contain formulas referring to the contents of other cells, and if the user changes the content of a cell, the values of all dependent cells are automatically updated. In a similar fashion, the various properties of components in a Power Fx program are connected by formulas (whose syntax is very reminiscent of Excel) and their values are automatically updated if changes occur. For instance, a simple formula might connect the color property of some component to the value of a slider component, and if the user moves the slider, the color will automatically change.[7]

The Power Fx language was developed by a team at Microsoft led by Vijay Mital, Robin Abraham, Shon Katzenberger and Darryl Rubin.[7][6] Power Fx is available as Open-source software.[8] The source code was shared under MIT license by Microsoft on November 2. 2021.[9] The documentation only was open source earlier.

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